Ebola virus is spread to a new village in DR Congo

In Bunia, with a population of nearly one million, an Ebola virus was found in a six-month-old child. The child's parents are not ill.

The Ministry of Health has launched a survey to find out how the infection might affect the baby.

There are very few cases in national health care centers of a young infectious virus.

The Ebola virus distributes through connecting to the blood of the infected person and other physiotherapy. With this in mind, doctors believe that babies are usually born with breast milk or whose parents are affected by the disease.

The Ebola incident in DR Congo has killed over 600 people since August last year.

This event started in June last year in DRC shortly after the government had finished another event in the west of Scotland.

The Ebola in West Africa resulted in a loss of over 11,000 lives between 2013 and 2016.

The spread of the disease in DRC was founded by political uncertainty, high population density and high population mobility.

Fighters attacked a number of establishments where Ebola and an international medical charity were contacted t Unlimited doctors (Medecin sans frontieres, MSF) to end their work.

Death rates after Ebola infection are very high.

The symptoms of a disease are high temperatures, head, muscle, stomach pain, runny nose and symptoms similar to other flu. After that, a wide dose will start.

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