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Famous and unidentified faces hidden in Ventspils / Article / LSM.LV

In February, our ancestors celebrated their wood, throwing its & # 39; winter and wait for the & # 39; sun and light to return. For the next 20 years in Latvia, an international festival was held, which included 20 countries from our country and 2 from Belarus. Capricorn, cranberries, speeches – saw these bells, the names are heard, but today Ventspils have also been the most uniquely known characters and gave light and blessing.

On Saturday lunchtime, visitors to the Ventspils market were delighted with their active enthusiasm – singing bands of decorated masks and danced into the merchants. Some of the well-known, well-known characters and others are visible.

"Each group of men are going to tell their own myths, we are from Riga, we may, but we represent the party's tradition as a mullein, It is a group of Ventspils and Kuldiga-Miejavili parties after being a good beer, "the Asnate Rancane, a member of the" Garataka "folklore group.

"The goat, the goat has ever been more important. The others – the Japanese, are not so important, but the goat is the key. If there is a goat there will be light, there will be fertility, joy house and joy, "Ieva Berzins, folklore clubs participating in" Zvīgzna "

The people, both written and oral, can not conserve the old tradition. The members of the folklore are the most active in playing old rituals, games, beliefs.

"We are really proud of our songs and traditionally traditional traditions so badly, but we also show that we have a wide range of different traditions," said Andris Kapust, Chairman of Bòrd The Latvian mythology society.

"Latvian people need to keep the basic and fundamental value of Latvian people to survive. These are the fundamental values ​​Latvian and everyone should know – from the roots It has come and what the traditions that have been maintained and who have been promoted and promoted to today, "said Zane Pamše, Head of Ventspils County Department of Culture.

Following a fun event at the Ventspils Market Square, mask groups went to a number of farms in County Ventspils. "Storas Demoras" was visited in the parish of Airdail to bless the horses that were made here. The traditional tradition traditionally used by Martini to Meteņi, here we have received "babies" and "cathrins".

"We gave this tradition, recorded in Vidzeme, to Ventspils and the debt that the monks and chairs make with the homeowners. It can be seen as a toy, we will & Playing for a game. In Martin, many plays are recorded, the song is smaller, so we're more tough, Gypsies are unhappy, "said Ilga Valodze, a member of Abele's youth studio" Banga ".

The Popes Ventspils County Folk Museum's humorous massacre groups are in a massive exhibition, so confirm that spring is coming soon.

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