Fantasy is a truth – the first picture of black matter – in the world

The project, which many didn't believe in success, ended in power, and for the first time in history, scientists have succeeded in making a black hole painting – a very decent thing. the depth it sweeps sweeps. The Telescope Horizon project, which costs nearly $ 60 million, includes more than 200 scientists from 20 world countries and eight stands across the planet.

Approximately 54 million years of light were highlighted from the Earth's massive black hole situated in the belly of the Mesjie 87 (M87) in the middle. Scientists believe this giant has a diameter of 40 billion kilometers, but its mass is 6.5 billion times the size of the sun.

Preparation for Nobel Prizes

There are a number of facts about how scientists came to this search (in fact, researchers connected to astronomy and astronomy). Reuters. First, official news soon EHT The first project of a black hole, already distributed in early April, will be shown by the project's researchers and gradually the public interest was shown in the best TV shows. Second, the weekly news conferences were held simultaneously in Washington, Brussels, Santiago, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo. Third, the editing Letters Astrophysical Journal in the most recent edition, which has been published only on Wednesday, there are six shorter additions to this search. And fourthly, it is already expected that the people involved in the project will have the Nobel Prize in Fiosa – if this year is to come.

«We have found out what had been seen before. We saw and took a picture of a black hole, »he said EHT project manager Sheperd Decleman, who works at Harvard – the Smithson Astrophysics Center. Thus, the expert called Waterloo Physicist, Eiveri Broder, spoke to one of the team leaders AP he said even worse: "Science fiction has become a scientific truth." t

There is no scientific legend in this case explained by an accident. Ziri Jounsi, researcher at University College London, interviewed BBC The picture that was taken is very similar to those that have been believed to date by Hollywood film leaders and artists who drew them. The illustration shows a black circle surrounded by rebel-starred wood and a orange plasma crown, and the main difference from the artist's imagination is that the painting is not so different even that it is even a different. just like shoeing. The first black black model was developed by astrophysist Jean Pierre Luminé in 1979 and he admitted that he could not even imagine a chance to see a true picture of this expensive object looking very similar. model.

Internet news site however, it does emphasize that the image given to scientists does not meet the term photography a daily feel. That is, to create an image, it is not the move of sound captured, but the radio waves, as well as the electromagnetic waves, cannot contain human senses. Only then did the scientists get the picture colorto make it clear to everyone that the subject surrounding the black hole is heated to millions of high steps. The telescopes were not focused on the black hole, but at the items already caught with gravity – discovery, white white movement, gas and plasma, known as acrylic disc. From the places behind the black hole, the current light is wound like a lens, » AFP European Space Agency (ESA) Astrophysicist Paul Maknamara. He was not involved in the survey, but carried out an “outstanding technical performance”.

Synchronous co-operation

BBC written that the starter for this project was Professor Heino Falke from the University of Radbouda in Holland, who, as early as 1993, was still a student, thinking of the idea t radio signals are strong enough to catch telescopes around black holes; It's on our planet. At that time there was no powerful telescope, but he returned to his opinion after about 20 years, convincing the European Research Council (European Research Council) fund some of the research. It had also recently been possible to attract funding from American and Asian countries and, in April 2017, eight radio telescopes placed in the US, Mexico, Spain, Chile and Antarctica turned to two sites – t The new route for us. Sagittarius A * and the black hole in the constellation M87. Against the rehearsal, it is easier to take a picture of the black hole further, as 26,000 years light is gone. Sagittarius A * and so, as scientists, laugh, "nephrotogenic".

"Instead of building a large telescope that could fall as a result of the heavy weight, we used a number of viewpoints, but then added the data together," AFP Grenoble Institute IRAM astronomer Michael Bremer. Combining single-track radios in different parts of the world, there is a large and highly decorated telescope that is associated with mirror almost identical to the diameter of the planet. To get the right results, these telescopes would have to be parallel to millions of seconds, a feat that's not so straightforward. But that wasn't all.

"To be successful in the job, we had to see well in all the areas where telegraphs were involved," AFP Pablo Torne, who was head of the job said Pico Veleta Theater in Spain. Of the ten days that were reserved for the inspection, four of these weather conditions had been and had been able to gather the necessary data. She then went on to Heistek Theater at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Max Planck Institute of Radiology in Bonn, where professionals had to work hard to put this mosaic together and the difference between electromagnetic phenomenon from the earth. which says that data transfer to research centers was not as easy as possible. The total amount of information has passed over five petabytes (the same amount of information is stored in the US Congress Library) and was not transferable across the internet. Thus, a ton of hard drums with data collected were delivered to Massachusetts and Bonn. Helge Rotman, the Max Planck Institute researcher, is speaking AFP that they would have to wait a long time from the South Pole's telescope (SPT) due to adverse weather conditions (winter in a southern hemisphere) the shipwreck could not wait on months on a valuable cargo. “After all, we got this information on the 23rd December 2017, and it was a real Christmas present,” said Rotman.

For more than a year, it was necessary to use the information obtained to create the image displayed for the world throughout the week. AFP. Project managers did not seek access to the results of the work with some poor failures or personal factors, so four teams working independently were encouraged to create images. But the overall result of the task was fairly similar, which makes it very safe to say – the blue holes (straight, the horizon of events, in which the matter is captured forever) t looking straightforward and so on.

The theory is certain, there are still questions. T

Referring to EHT Project results, partner scientists and freelance students, have confirmed the theoretical reinforcement, based on the relationship of theory developed by the renowned expert Albert Einstein, re-affirmed. Over a hundred years ago, in 1916, the scientist announced that there are comic objects in the world with features that are black holes. For decades, some of these items have been named dark starsuntil the last century, the term of the American physician, John Archibald Willer, came black holewhich is heard today by most of the population of the planet.

Steven Hocking was one of the most famous astrophysical theoretics to explain what a black hole is. He died in March, who had the majority of his life hanged on a disabled chair. Over the years, S. Hocking's theories changed and they changed, but eventually he came to the same call that was brought by A. Einstein one time – anything that is t the prospect of a black hole event. the event of the event, which also explains the name of the project to be lost. «Protective black holes are installed in most diseases (including the route we are on) and they are so dense that they won't get rid of them – even # 39 light. Due to the strong gravity, the light running around the black hole is truncated, but the light that has come into the horizon of events is thrown into the fields – as well as dust, heat gas, plasma and another issue, which will write. AP.

Modern theoretical science makes a distinction between two types of black and 'shallow' holes. For the first time, the mass alone is over a million times heavier than the Sun, ideas are not divided – they are caused by giant star falls and gradually introduce the theme. But about a huge black hole (like zero) M87 The origins of the scene in the constellation are a mixture of barrels – that they have always been there in the universe and survived not only on the Big Rock, which will regenerate again. periodically. emphasized that the new picture received did not answer this question.

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