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FCMC is inviting Opera to respect the rights of shareholders to convene meetings – Financial News – Financeenet

For the information available in the media, as well as the information published in the medium of official storage system of the regulated information on the reverse of the meeting of shareholders convened for 1 April, Olaintham seeing the violation of shareholders 'rights and so calling on Osmir to honor the rights of shareholders of shareholders' meetings.

Upleja remembered that publicly available information showed that a meeting of the Afarm shareholders was withdrawn at the last minute as not the meeting holders of the OTM meeting will be held by a meeting of shareholders and no meeting is held. These are included in the record of Olainfarm shareholders; not right.

At the same time, the FCMC sets out, in accordance with Article 228 of the Commercial Law, that the rights arising from separated categories are held by a person whose account of the financial instruments is recorded in accordance with t Financial Law Market Financial Procedures. By law, the main security investment determines which method of joint stock company will establish shareholders who are owned by the register shares to draw up a list of shareholders.

Upleja also confirmed that the Central Trust Investigation Regulations specify the process for preparing information on shareholders who are eligible to participate in stakeholder meetings. In accordance with these regulations, Nasdaq CSD SEDIC will provide guidance to all relevant partners and ask for shareholders' information. A list of shareholders grouped by Nasdaq CSD SE will include information from members.

As indicated by the FCMC, in the context of a shareholder and the number of sections which the person is included in the list of shareholders "Nasdaq CSD SE", they will be a shareholder who is included in the financial instrument account opened in the owner-occupier company or credit institution for the specified shares as a shareholder. Therefore, in such a case, the person who has counted the account of financial instruments opened by an investment or deposit institution of the credit institution may request the right to a meeting of shareholders' meeting. 39 requesting Section 270 (1) of the Commercial Law.

The FCMC explained that a list of shareholders prepared by Nasdaq CSD SE could not contain a specific shareholder, but the presence of a depository or credit institution holding shares of that shareholder. Upleja confirmed that this does not mean the shareholder has no sections.

In the opinion of the FCMC, the board of liquidator should, when they receive the request for the shareholders' meeting, find out if the applicants are shareholders of a particular publisher. This can be done in two ways – ensuring that this person is included in the shareholder's list prepared by Nasdaq CSD SE, or, if that person is not available. T The inclusion of a list of shareholders by those persons, being asked to produce a financial accounting account confirming the ownership of those sectors.

The LETA Group has already announced that the Oshl Board has announced that it has canceled the amazing shareholders held in April 1, as revealed by the review of the list of t extracts announced by the former owner of Olainfarm Valery Maligin, who died in 2017 in December 2005, the average girl Nika Savelyev and the daughter of the newest girl have no legal basis, Anna Emily Maligin, Signe Baldere-Sildeuge, ie chan the shareholders are not members of Osferm am and are not in the register of shareholders of the company.

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