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Although most people are worried about being too heavy and fat because of fat or fatigue, it is not as dangerous for their health, the badness is on their face; talk & discomfort & Many of the first societies in developing countries may have, but people with favorable life situations are also at risk of abuse. As you recognize bad confidence and what you should do with the curator Ieva Zvagule.

Why does the site disappear?

The reasons for a loss can be physical, when it is difficult for someone to dig and swallow a food, or be weary when the request is lost as due to distress or depression. Echinacea and vomiting may be hampered by some nausea and vomiting, or as chemotherapy and anti-radiotherapy. "It can be very safe to say that no one is protected from a bad awareness even when social situations are good and that food is not a cause of ill health," said guitars. However, older people are more likely to be at risk of serious damage – especially those who live alone, suffering from severe food, continuing alcohol, and patients with patient diseases, susceptible infections or illnesses.

Differentiated levels of difficulty are diversified – from behaviors when a person dies around 10-15% by weight heavy when a weight loss exceeds a quarter or 25% of body weight. With weight loss, the worm that is commonly seen on the legs, arms, legs and faces, dress, fever pain and cramps, poor skin pollen, dry skin and dry hair and a & # 39; loss of color. For more global people, it is harder to make sure that there are problems with disabilities, but even not going to do it; Losing weight, poor health should be removed, rapid breakdown or dental and rubber problems. Damage also contributes significantly to the operation of the defensive system and can be damaged and even damaged; criticize me.

Older people – a particular risk group

Particular attention should be given to what and the number of older families or neighbors who eat, especially if they live alone, emphasizes Ieva Zvagule. Older people tend to eat enough or eat the same food, and may be able to; the use of medication and physical attributes affect their food. "When a person is over 60 years old, taste and smell can change, so someone who has previously had a taste may not be interesting. Salivary gland activity is also a & # 39; declining over the years, which can cause a problem to complete. Simultaneously, the stomach and the risk of getting "aggrieved" and & # 39; including smaller nutrition, "Euroaptieka" gelators may be a barrier list. It is often difficult for old people to pay their own food, and so the risk is higher for those who live alone. Over the years, people need less energy, but the essential level of miners and vitamins is increasing, and so keep up with enough nutrition.

As stated above, the continuing causes of continuous illness, where long-term blowing makes it difficult to cook and cook; affecting food, dementia and other psychological problems, excessive behavioral behavior, as well as the use of some medicines, such as alcohol, are also an important factor for a & # 39 ; getting older. to reduce bread and her & her; preventing the inclusion of nutrition. Dentist and behavioral problems and dentist brooches can also be a problem to include full-ranging food.

How to promote pleasure?

"The whole area is based on a fair, tight, diverse diet, but you can also talk to your doctor or medication about including toys and vitamins in her / her; Your daily diet You can also ask your pharmacist as an interactive drug with your favorite foods. In cases where stress is caused by an ongoing situation, it is essential to talk to the doctor who needs extra medication, "Ieva Zvagule will put in and say there are several other ways to help you improve and make your food easier.

  • Crush is fed if it is difficult to bone. The food can be broken or broken, cooked with puree, chowder, spots, moisturized meat and salads from finely loved materials.
  • Do not insert the spices. If in the past, they do not have any extra food, add greens and herbs, just the rest of salts should be avoided.
  • Include milk milk products in your diet – they will add to your body with calcium and probiotics and will provide a healthy abdominal outflow.
  • Live live and stay in the new atmosphere! If you can not do fun, go for a walk or work in the garden. Very good shifting and air helps your food.
  • Choose healthy choices. Even if the food is simple, it needs to be full. Choose vegetables, torch products, fish and milk products.

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