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For many of the black streets in Riga, only the slope is still committed

In Riga, many of the black streets now have only criteria, Emīls Jakrins, current director of Riga City Council's Traffic Department, has today in an interview with Latvian Radio.

Yakrins then said that the "historic" streets were "historic", that is, there are several streets, such as the streets of Chaka and Krasta and Zemitana bridge, which were repaired several years ago, but it was not done on due to lack of money. There has been a lack of funding in a range of streetskeeping in Riga, with the result that every winter has felt more and more, the officer said.

She asked why the money was not given to these goals, Jakrins did not respond but the reasons for the long-term projects were different, for example, at Caca Street, the town has been in trying to agree with the communications about their place in one tunnel, but it was not successful and the project has gone on.

At this time, Riga offers a 24/7 rock accident to repair work; crew, but "we will add every piece in spring", which promises Jakrins.

Asked why 19 million euros were not found if there was no money, Jakrins suggested that it was an accounting accounting case; , that is, it was hoping to spend this money long ago, but with long-term projects – the repair of Brasas Bridge and Krasta Street where this money can be learned.

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