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5 February, 2019

The information was prepared by Oskars Firmanis, Public Relations Manager.

Today, it's hard to think about a working and private life without a smartphone: we will e-mail, review and editorial documents, link to an internet bank, save social networks and other activities. This means that we are very often a & # 39; store important information on the phone, and the security of technological experts. proposes to take care in good time.

Today, Gints Peič, Tele2's Technical Support Chief Executive, is a Safer Internet Day Moving Prime Operator in the World, who offers four councils to help with the # Protect the data stored on your phone.

1. Public internet – just browsing

The ability to view the internet free of charge on WiFi networks is very appropriate, but it should be done with care. There are banking or internet targets where you need to access your password, as well as other e-mail related services, safer to use when they are & # 39; connecting to the mobile operator that the operator has; supply or at home.

The public Wi-Fi network is for everyone. So it can be made available not only to you, but also to someone who has intrusive intentions. By using the same free internet network, an attack can connect to your device and reaches the stored information. On the way, you can reduce the likelihood of having a databases like that if you are; Specify in your phone settings that you do not connect via phone automatically to other devices on the network. For your safety, it is also worth uninstalling Bluetooth or GPS mobile connections if you are not.

2. Password = Data Ending

In today's phones, the password will perform two tasks: not only does it; lock the device physically, but also encrypt the stored information. The password is more complex and easier, more difficult for draggers to access the data stored on the smartphone.

Additionally, if you store sensitive information on your phone, you can be careful beforehand if the client device is in. come into the hands of unfortunate people. In the Telephone Phone security section, it should be noted that all data needs to be deleted after attempts to link to the number of unsolicited requests.

The belief is that the bio-mechanical solutions are safely – the device is deducted with a fingerprint or semi-detection device. If the information is valuable, a familiar maker will know how to get it: Duplicate a megabyte from another surface that you have affected or use your image.

3. Anti-virus programs for smart devices

It is common for installing antivirus programs on computers. However, different viruses can also access mobile devices. Some of them come with free apps downloaded from unofficial sites, with others being distributed to users' interference. To protect them from your sparkling device, it is worth paying for proper software in time.

They are available in a large selection. For example, antivirus programs that have been created for Android phones are one of the most popular Avast Mobile Security 2019 – Antivirus & App Lock, AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android Security and Avira Antivirus Security 2019 – Antivirus & AppLock. At the same time, Apple & Avast Security & Photo Vault and Mobile Phone and Mobile Voice Safety were created for Apple.






4. Reliable applications, backups and other security measures

Before downloading your phone application, check other customer reviews. Do not generate substantially unprotected software. Other Recommendation: Keep up-to-date information on your phone number regularly. Other data should be removed regularly. If your phone is scared too, nothing will be stolen because all the information you need is stored in a cellular or hard-working service.

Clear the phone memory at least once a month from requests or data you do not need to now. This will work for your phone both faster and safer.

Remember: your own protection is simple! Do not be stupid and take two or more of safe internet habits daily!

Tele2 is the director of mobile communication in Latvia and the company's customers are almost half the Latvian population. By building the latest communications network in the Baltics, Tele2 has a delivering a 4G network in Latvia, which is available for 99% of the population. From the Tele2 base, capital investment in the infrastructure of communications networks and consumer service has spent over 260 million euros. Tele2 is part of the Tele2 AB group, one of the fastest telecommunications companies in Europe. The Tele2 Group has 17 million clients in eight countries. Tele2 is the only mobile operator operating in united Baltic States.

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