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In the old days, when the kitten was angry, the servant was pleased if neighbors would be building small flies because the handle would not harm them. If the pup had been thrown out of the fence in those days, the women of the house knew they had to ask the dogs to find the dogs for the dogs. Those who will be away will be sent to the "Maritime School". These are the lowest traditions.

Today, the breeding breed pays heavy money – from two hundred to 1500 and 2000 euros. Pet diversification and marketing is an industry with large profits not controlled.

Taxation, taxation, lack of regulatory governance – these are just some of the problems facing the “love” market. The annual income for pets is thought to be 10 million euro.

Although the State Territory Service (SRS) is hitting a Facebook jacket jacket, there are dizzying amounts to the country. Why?

Dogs from the air have fallen!

To get started, multiple domestic pet migrants visit the industry, including business registrations and payroll rates. The legislation (rather than absence) supports the industry in some respects, as the same rule is the regulation of Cabinet of Ministers. 266 “Benefit Requirements for Housing, Trade and Domestic Animal Display at Public Exhibitions and Dog Training”, which directs the houses (rooms)) The owner of the animal (33.1 4) ensures that no more than one t annual baby rubbish, cat and whistle. In line with this rule, the number of new pets would always be limited. But how many plants in fact, in what circumstances animals live home, how many young people are sold, to what extent, no one knows, and even if they are not able to count. , for the first time that the dog should be registered until the age of six months, and the pups sold at a few months.

The trader and the size of his object cannot be identified. Dogs from the air have fallen!

Animal defenders believe that the pet industry, as the umbrella economy industry, introduces the third in relation to cigarette cigarettes and armor sales.

In order for the stone not to exhaust the dog breeder / cat garden, it should be stressed that at the same time there is a significant difference between honest breeders who deal with t Breeding and “bloodline” conservation and those breeding animals for commercial purposes. The Agricultural Information Center has 11 dog breeders, 5 cats and one registered squirrel. There are lots more clubs and societies when you search the internet.

Those who know about a dog / cat market may not necessarily be aware of who has bought a pet.

Animal bearers are knowledgeable, intelligent, and “ordinary” customers laugh more than struggle winners now, for example, standing their pups, international winning dogs, for the winner. the first time in five years, a pony that is unable to say goodbye.

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All the ministers in the dog

Representatives from animal protection organizations have been looking for years for years that the economic nature of breeding dogs / cats (a commercial activity for generating income) is meeting aspects of economic activity. Moreover, profits are likely to be amazing: expensive animals are the same as a normal car. Money isn't, as it should be, just one side – there are lots of ethical problems in the breeding of animals.

There are about 124,000 dogs recorded in the Agriculture Information Center – about half the actual number. Animal Welfare Board Member Ilze Jonesone estimates that there is one dog in Latvia for every seven men. By 2018, 70% – 1825 of the 10 dogs recorded for Latvia shelters were not registered and broken. A third of all other dog records were not registered.

The State Revenue Service responds that they will not be able to report the number of pet salesmen who have recorded their economic activities with good intent, as they are falling apart under the code "services". other non-classified ".

This sector includes a range of non-traditional business types, so it is not possible to choose the actual number of people who have connected the job directly to domestic pets. Danuta Priede, head of the animal shelter "Mežavairogi":

For many years working with pets, she only knows two breeders of dogs – license fee payers. The two animals are constructed to meet the needs of the Border Guard and the Army and participate in procurement competitions.

SRS makes it clear that personal property is not subject to a sale fee. This means that all citizens have the right to sell their property from time to time. “When you assess your belongings on merit, take care to remember that dogs are not the same as a crutch or dress. The landlord has no chance to influence that a house has been born by ten, rather than three, as permitted by law, a puppy. So, applying the law, based on the principle of mathematics, that the number of transactions each year represents an absurdity. Furthermore, it would be unofficial to penalize someone for not letting pups down, but in the case of a sale, so give them life and home. ”

Danuta Priede is unconvinced – it is his opinion, the dog pulls out the same goods as a clay porridge. If you are interested in taking added value products, you will need to register as a taxpayer.

For example she mentions Rhodesian Ridgebacks. One litter in the world has 10, 12 cubs – costing every thousand less than 1,000 euros.

“If people believe the wages are lower than spending, they won't get rid of it. "

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“Historically, we bought:“ What is special about it? These are rabbits, kittens. “My view is: it's really bad! Living in a place with additional needs. A nihilistic ruling view of the governing circle creates a situation where we don't know how many dogs and cats are, and how they live. There are lots of animals like food, that's not good. We don't know how many animals come to the world and what the poem is, ”Danuta Priede continued. She has her own idea of ​​why animal breeders can "live green".

“The ministers, representatives and president have a dog, a cat at the house. This scheme, based on friendship links, has been working since the Soviet era. ”

Were caught in the ants of the ants

Domestic trade is managed and managed by the Food Medicine Service (FVS). Mairita Riekstins, Head of the FVS Veterinary Strategy Monitoring Division, explains that no regulation is being made. The service can check pet holders if they have a complaint. The FVS receives around 900 complaints a year, usually from neighbors, only one third of whom are right. The services are not managed by animals, as the emphasis is only on animal benefit. In total, FVS also admits that the area is disorderly and hindering inspection.

When you have two fulled black eyes in a soft white cloud and a warm nose touching your hand, the soul melts, the heart is above the handle – what taxes, receipts, money t and other papers? For the little miracle you are ready to get everything.

Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russell, Pomeranian Spitz, Beagle – these are the most popular types of varieties. The dog can be paid from two to three and a half and a half thousand, depending on its genealogy and individual characteristics. The shelves are for ten inches at a minimum. But some dogs are unique for 160 and 250 euros. And why not? Just as sweet and maybe even more mechanized!

“The advertisement mentions:“ A club of 15 years of experience. ”This means that the regularity of the discussions has already been recognized. If someone 700 700 has paid for a dog they can apply for a fee. Traders generally say: we will terminate a contract. It is not for confirmation. To say, "With money that looks like 1,000 euros, without 700." When a man sees a pup, it disappears. The dog may not be healthy and the ancestor is not coming to it, ”said Danuta Priede.

She laughs that it is easier for her family to be easy. If you want, you could make a special genealogy of "Mežavairogu".

A family tree means that a dog will be higher now.

One of the cases is the disorder, as well as being the “Animal Police” Ilze Joneson. “We have a big leap! regularly, ”she interestingly states the situation, saying that repetition is happening to the point that no farmer can, even when working with farm animals, hope.

Vija Klučniece, President of the Federation of Latvian Federation, says that there is a marked difference between honest breeders involved in breeding and those who breed animals for commercial purposes. Those that diversify and sell livestock for profit are excluded from the association. She has noticed that the inescapable business of many Latvian businessmen is declining, with the fact that "quiet phones" in this area work well and there is a bad reputation. quickly. However, the problem is the lack of control.

In his opinion, the state does not protect honest farmers because it is not sure who to sell animals to. "No case was settled – for example, in Belgium, it is the Belgian resident who advertises an animal to sell which could record an animal in organization. T a breed of dog or cat on behalf of Belgium. "

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