Hartley trained "Avangard" an attacker to get the main Gagarin Cup game (VIDEO) game

Sergey Shumakov, Sportazinas.com
foto: khl.com

The Continental Hockey League (KHL) brings together the best gate advantages in the second round of Cup Gagarin. Sergey Shumakov, an attacker at the Omsk Avangard club, which currently has a Latvian coach at Bob Hartley, struck in the roof.

In the first round of the KHL event, Avangard finished with the fourth round, having won four, with a maximum of 4: 0 a Kazan Ak Bars last year, and a second in 4: 1, t Astana was defeated by Barys.

The Club Omsk will compete with "Salavat Julajev" Ufa in the finals of the Eastern Conference, and CSKA Moscow and St Petersburg SKA will play in the final of the West Conference.

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