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"New ideas are needed for the child, and he attends a cultural event as a means of a bit of teaching a syllabus, idiom.

However, before going to an event, you should assess whether the child is ready to do it.

For children under four, it is unclear what good behavior and good behavior in public places mean, so parents need to think about the right choice of cultural events, "said Ivya Aunite, a well-known Rimi expert Children.

The psychologist admits that there is no special rule, how many years and what steps to bring children. Different children, parents need to know their shoes and decide for themselves what the child should be present. However, this should be done in relation to event organizers, other visitors and, at the end of the time, the child's leisure and well-being.

Choose an appropriate event for your child

"Take a three year old with a ballet show or a symphonic music concert, who is always dancing and wondering how long it will make a format not only for a child who is not totally injured, but also to show disregard for others, without giving them the right to unwanted rest, "said Iveta. One time.

It would be best to take into account the information provided in a description; step, which usually describes what is suitable for younger children. For example, the Puppet Theater will offer scenes that are suitable for even two years of age. In such exhibitions, both for a long time and a bad offense, the actors will call on; children to get involved, sing and listen to. move with the hero of the show.

That's why wearing lively shoes, beauty and exile. A child-friendly event is also a cinema of cinema show where no one will show if the little one uses.

Promoting – at home, not in a theater hall

If a child is going through a cultural event, the parents often Starting the construction of the small people in those situations on the site. "When something is done with a child in the presence of strangers, he can make more protests than she. If you need to show it, it should be quiet, and bend the rules, a & # 39; remind you of the rules. If the child does not listen, leave the event better. The next time the child can not be taken forward, explaining why, " said Iveta Aunite. Similar advice relates to other public places that are in the public domain. visit.

It's a big event

If you think your family may have a & # 39; Looking at an adult concert, it's still useful to consider a number of suggestions to avoid and other unpleasant situations.

  • Have respect for organizing the event organizer. If the adult event – that is, for adults.
  • Teaching your child to respect others' privacy: do not show your mind to others, talk loudly about the activity and appearance of the event.
  • Children want to ask questions, often in unsuitable situations. Agree that all questions may be asked after the incident. No conversation should be at the time.
  • Choose tickets closer to the route. If the child is unable to sit or need a toilet, you can leave the hall quietly and quickly without disturbing others.
  • If the child has drunk at first level, it is more likely to bring value home and eventually. Trying to give the baby an interest again.
  • What should be done if, despite all the efforts, every visit connected to the show is a finishing "We agree that your interests and interests do not come together and allow the small people to choose what's interesting to them, which is wealthy and life-long, "said Iveta Aunite.

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