In Latvia, the intense influenza is increasing, with an eight extra life

Last week, the intense influenza in Latvia was growing, with another eighteen others; loss of disease within a week, according to the Center for Surgical Disease and Control.

Overall, from the start of a flu vaccine, he has been in the process steal 25 people. The average age of the dead is 66, but human life 30 to 39 is also stolen with a severe flu. All patients had a continuous illness and no flu vaccination was made against this disease. In a prevalence of flu vaccine, this disease was a danger to 91 people, and another year ago – for 75 people.

In the past week, an average intense influenza in Latvia 362.1 came to an issue of every 100,000 people. Earlier weeks there were 298.4 cases per 100,000 residents.

SPCC data shows that there are issues of data; Influenza in GP practices are recorded in almost every town that is included in the study, except in Gulbene County. In seven cities, the prevalence of flu vaccine was less than a long time. above the criterion. The girl ab & # 39; height in Ventspils.

The highest number of influenza this week was recorded in children aged five to 14 years – 884.3 per 100,000 population, and 722.3 per 100,000 people under four. The event has increased in all age groups.

Compared to the previous week, there has been a slight increase in the number of flu patients, as well as the number of fluids, A patient with a severe pneumonia. A total of 266 patients were diagnosed with a cold infection that was expected last week, which included 186 cases of flu, and 80 with a large number.

Attended at general education centers last week and 84.9%, with 61.9% attended pre-school, according to SPCC.

As reported on January 15, influenza infections were named in Latvia.

As SPCC is identified, older people with flu and continuing diseases – cardiovascular patients, lungs and kidneys, diabetes, oncology patients, sustained disease patients, and people with severe severe protection status. Flu is particularly dangerous for young children and pregnant women.

The best anti-flu vaccine and flu vaccine and annual vaccine, and & # 39; emphasizing experts. Includes that the protection is a; grow within 14 days after vaccination and the spread of influenza is usually for several months – to the end of its & May, flu vaccine is not too late in the disease, emphasizing SPCC experts, saying that it is also recommended for health workers to be the patient's immunization and their own.

SPCC epidemicists recognize that the spread of viruses should be prevented, if flu vaccine is similar to flu, stomach or cough and then its hand. Epidemiologists who invite you to & # 39; stay home and contact your GP if you are sick.

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