In Sweden, there is suspicion about the Ebola dead virus

"The test results are likely to be tonight tonight. They believe they're just right now, there are other diseases very similar," said the authorities.

"The patient is being treated in an infectious disease clinic at Uppsala University Hospital and is remote," said the statement.

Patient information is not published. Their age or age does not know, and the patient does not know; Ebola disease.

The person turned ill to hospital at Enshop near Uppsala.

There is a closed Hospitality hospital, and staff who come to contact the patient are kept.

Ebola virus is spread through human blood communication; there and with other drink. Mortality rates after disease are very high.

Signs of disease include high temperature, head, muscles, stomach pain, nose and other symptoms of other flu. After that, broad bleeding begins.

In most instances, the result of fatigue is fatal. However, rapid remoteness and rapid handling of symptoms such as waulking, diarrhea and dehydration have helped some patients live.

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The Ebola disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has killed hundreds of people. This DRC is the tenth breach of the Ebola virus since 1976, when the disease was first identified by a team led by Belgian experts at that time on Sàra.

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