Infection with influenza / Alt / LSM.LV vaccine

The child vaccination calendar also includes a child aged between six and 23 months, as well as a flu vaccination for pregnant women. This has been provided by the Government on Tuesday, 19 March, with changes to the Immunity Regulations.

Currently, 50% of pregnant women and 100% of children under two years of age are returned to the vaccine. However, the process of getting vaccination with the funding from the state is difficult enough – prescribing the doctor's surgery, going to the pharmacy where the vaccine is being purchased, is then difficult to obtain, and then by the Ministry of Health (VM). a practitioner with a vaccine. To reduce the burden on doctors and to get a flu vaccine, as well as ensuring an integrated approach to the provision of state-funded vaccines, influenza vaccines will be given to pregnant women. and up to 2 years of children to be included in the vaccination calendar from 1 October.

"This is also in line with the World Health Organization's recommendations as pregnant women and young children are at high risk. The additional funding needed in 2019 will be EUR 48,826 made by the loss of the European Commission's budget. T , "gave VM.

Further changes to the rules provide that vaccination can be vaccinated against consumption from 12 hours after birth (instead of 2 to 5 days). In other European Union countries where it is vaccinated, the time of immunization is changing, for example, in Estonia – the first 12 hours after birth in Lithuania – 2.-3. in Slovak – on day 3, in Poland – in the first 24 hours after birth.

However, as of 1 January, 2020, it is expected that adolescents will reduce the amount of polio vaccine.

It also says that unhelpful people who have been in close contact with the person affected by an infection must have been vaccinated against infectious diseases which are directly relevant to them – diphtheria, polio, and polio. measles, rubella and trembling. The legislation therefore makes it clear that the vaccines of people associated with the above infectious diseases will be covered from the state budget, the Ministry of Finance reports.

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