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Influenza in Latvia has fallen below most

Latvia has not had a fluctuation of 100 cases in every 100 000 residents or dispersed rate last week, according to the Control and Control Center for Diseases.

Since the beginning of the season, 71 reports have been reported on fatal results in patients suffering from flu.

Dead patients had one or more sore illnesses, as well as some. None of the registered deaths recorded for vaccinated patients were immunized against this season.

Since the 7th week, there has been a reduction in flu virus. Compared to the previous week, there was a 49.2% reduction in severe cold in the 13th week of this year, with an average of 23.2 cases per 100,000 people. The number of patients suffering from influenza and flu was also twice weekly by week 13.

As reported, on 15 January, a pandemic was spread in Latvia.

The annual vaccine is the best protection against flu and problems associated with influenza, specialists. Taking into account that the protection comes in within 14 days of immunization and influenza usually lasts for several months – until the end of May, not enough flu. against influenza vaccine is not too late for the disease, stressing SPCC experts, saying there should be a health vaccine. protecting their own patients and themselves. t

SPCC epidemiologists remember that flu or illness is supposed to have a flu like flu and that their hands could be cleaned. Epidemiologists invites you to stay at home and speak to your GP if you have an illness.

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