Internet to happen! Dana Reizniece-Ozola launches a video that is including smoked clothes

The old Minister of Economy, Dana Reizniece-Ozola on Facebook, has released a video that shows her breath in the bird's fog.

As it comes out, the cooling way of the elderly fog is Reizniece-Ozol's way; Praise for a great infection.

The video she is showing is & # 39; show how to do it correctly. As Dana says, you must burn, fire and then just swallow.

It is sure that this way helps to & # 39; fighting an illness is even better than a nail.

Dana tells that he is not able to get into the center's breath to smoke, they just "bite" in the neck and nose.

At the same time, Latvia has recently reported that fluctuation in Latvia has been spread; follow. The disease of life is raised to 17 people from the beginning of the season. As reported on January 15, influenza infections were named in Latvia.

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