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It is intended to run Rigig Town Council funding for the conduct of disabled people in the city

The Road Transport Steering Group will be encouraging the Public Transport Council to make a decision that Riga Town Council will pay pre-payment for the transportation of people with disabilities in the second quarter of 2019 in the capital city, t the representative of the Inese Krūmiņa Transportation Directorate informed LETA.

She explained that the role of the Road Transport Steering Group is to ensure that legal, effective and proper use of the funds allocated to public transport are from the state budget, ensuring that it is used for the passengers. engaged in the transportation of public transport, and the State has set the driving standards. taxation.

In investigating the information supplied by Riga City Council and the Corporation "Satiksme", on the behavior of passengers with disabilities in the first and second groups, the Road Transport Steering Group is suspected of having an incorrect account. These passenger traffic types can be found on the Riga village routes. Therefore, until the situation is fully clarified, the Road Transport Directorate will recommend the decision of the Public Transport Council – to delay the compensation for Riga Town Council for the second quarter of 2019.

The advance payment of the grant is calculated on the basis of Riga City Council's forecast on the number of disabled passengers planned and valued by the Road Transport Steering Group. . After summarizing its own results, the Road Transport Group will repeat the pre-paid grant and amend the amount for the next period. T .

Krumins explained that Riga Town Council received a prepayment of £ 2.2 million in January of this year for disabled passengers in the first quarter of this year.

A meeting of the Public Transport Council to decide this issue is due to end at the end of March.

If it is found that the information provided by Riga Town Council on the number of passengers with disabilities who have been impaired is delayed, the Road Transport Steering Group will reconfigure grants, and will be t reduce the amount of money required by the appropriate grant.

The Minister for Transport Telšiai Linkaitska (JKP) told LETA “in a situation where there are no state facilities for public transport and that we are constantly looking at the funds to be used. effectively, effectively it is not possible to attack in Riga. “In the future, and in other cases, we deal rigorously with the umbrella of public money,” said the minister.

It was already recited, by evaluation of the information that "satiksme Government" gave about transporting passengers with subcontract "Rage microautobusu satiksme", the Road Transport Steering Group decided to turn to the Energy Service. State Incentives (SRS) and State Police in respect of fraud in the data collected by people with disabilities.

Previously, TV3's "TV Personal" report that a false increase in the number of people with disabilities could enable a private subsidy to be awarded a higher subsidy for free people of this region – people do not have to. disability is available in public transport because the state pays for that. Last year, 18 million euro was needed, including half for Riga, and two million for "Riga minibus traffic".

Passenger information collected by "Riga minibus traffic" last year showed that the company carried 11.8 million people in 2018, 14% of whom were disabled. Consequently, the number of people with disabilities carried by "Riga minibuses" was 3-5 times higher than other transporters.

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