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Volkswagen management believes that Jetta's logo can help its company; consolidation in a price or passage compartment between the most expensive Volkswagen and manufacturers of a specific car of budgets that occupy a third part of the market. In addition, Jetta has long been one of the Volkswagen cult cars in the big Asian country. The VW Jetta is great.

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Nowadays it is known that the Jetta model family will be first made with two crops and sedan. New customer service centers will be developed for the sale of new cars, designed to conceptually according to audience tasting. These are self-car show centers and pop-up retail centers in major shopping centers. Jetta cars are also sold at mobile hubs or car shops.

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It can be added, in 2018, that there was a sale of 4,288,881 cars in China at the Volkswagen Group, It was Voplkswagen brand cars that were 3,172,080. These figures are twice as big as the nearest fan in Japan, Honda, and

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The most popular Volkswagen model in China last year was VV Lavida, analog Jetta, sold in 503,825 copies, and VW Jetta sold itself 327,695 copies.

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