Join in the Vote for Dance 2017–2018! / Art / LSM.LV in collaboration with the Latvian Dance Information Center (LDIC) are inviting them to take part in the Dance Prize 2017–2018 and vote for two of the dance performances. On 26 April, 4 invitations will be taken to the Facebook page of, which will be voted on by the electorate.

A dance awards ceremony will be held at Mikhail Chekhov Riga's Russian Theater on 29 April, and will be awarded two audience awards – high and small dance shows. As the designated exhibitions are highly diverse, the category in "big" and "small" performances is appropriate and was decided by the LDIC jury and Dance Prize based on criteria such as the number. partners, size of audience and audience size, duration of exhibition, and so on. c. Unlike the jury awards, the audience will give the presentations entirely to emphasize the new award as a celebration of the dance industry.

We invite you to be familiar with the jury's views on each performance before you vote.

By allowing one of your access accounts, we invite you to vote once a day, choosing a large display and one small form. The vote lasts until 25 April 23.59.

The dance prize is the highest prize in professional dance art, which is given every two years in classical dance (ballet), contemporary dance, contemporary dance and high-level music dance. achievements in creating new productions, concerts and dance events, as well as teaching and research work.

"Dance Awards 2017-2018" Vote Vote

Play dance well

Dance exhibition "Abas Malas"

The Latvian National Cultural Center, Daiga Livchane, dance photographers: Dace Adviljonone, Baumanis Gints, Liene Grava and Raimonds Martinovs.
Congratulations, so far that Latvia has not been researched – to combine different species of dance to create a meaningful, meaningful arts event in interaction with video, animation, light and sound.

Ballet "Antonia # Silmači"

National Opera Latvia and Ballet, dance artist: Aivars Leimanis.

Dancers were very organic and actor-like, and had a really enjoyable experience. Play very good music. The performance of the stage, the video artist's work and the uniforms is welcome.

Show "Gorodki"

Producer: advantage studio, Annika Andersone, dancers: Sintija Silina, Modris Opelts and Annika Andersone.

All Ballet Output – A powerful, deep and atmospheric driving message. Building capacity to motivate and energize children and young people with such a heavy and rigorous subject. Good technical performance.

Dance Exhibition “Kal me new – Riga Legend” t

Producer, dancer: Janis Purvins.

Contemporary explanation of Fairy Tales of the Twilight by Karl Skalbe in a dance performance. The story of Riga and the people who look for happiness, fortune and the life keys.

The Great Dance Exhibition "Land of the Sea"

Producer: The National Cultural Center of Latvia, arts directors: Jānis Ērglis and Jānis Purviņš.

Over 18,000 dancers from every generation, taking the most important moments of Latvian's history right from the start to the present, take over. Spectacular big-looking ideas look at an interesting, creative and interesting look.

Ballet at the Blue Danube

Latvian and Ballet National Opera, dance artist: Helena Tangijeva-Birzniece, dancer: Aivars Leimanis.

By keeping Latvian's ballet historical values, the result confirms the relevance of Helena Tangyev-Birzniece's dance language. There are contemporary classical ballet subjects.

Ballet Tri Musketeers

Latvian National Opera and Ballet, Dancer: Paul Chalm.

Innovative visual design that meets the needs of the historic day. The presentation of images is proving confident with the sound available above and the technical balance of each dancer.

A tale

Producer, dancer: Juris Gogulis.

A successful creative collaboration with 9 dancers The band in the show with elements of modern and classical dance, affecting their dreams, faith, power of love and nature of Latvia.

Great Dance Story "The message in articles"

Producer: Premium Art Ltd., choreographer: Agris Daņiļevičs, Dagmar Barbale and Baumanis Gints.

In the integrated story, good dance dance was created in the national way of life and Latvian life. Innovative art techniques in music planning and dance dance and direction.

Play a dance in a small format

Show 24 h Sleep

Producer: New Latvian Theater Institute, Laura Stašāne, dancer: Kristīne Brīniņa.

A manually created exhibition that encourages people to feel that they are in a fragile state of life and brings in the new, physical and emotional area.

Bucket Show

Producer: Geography society, Agnese Skara, dance artist: Sintija Siliņa.

A high quality modern dance game that delivers articulately and breaks the stigma and enclosures associated with mental health. Successful collaboration with sound, light, video and health professionals.

Show "Chipolin"

Producer: Daugavpils Theater, dance artist: Irina Saveļjeva.

Dance experience in solving pupils' achievements was successfully achieved. A rich range of dance techniques.

Show Divotne

Producer: Party, Ina Ločmele, dancers: Rūta Pūce and Anna Novikova.

An exhibition of high-quality personal experience and artistic change in achieving contemporary dance. Original solution for social and individual subject.

Future Freak Show

Producer: Gertrude Street Theater, Players: Agate Bankava and Andris Kačanovskis.

An innovative and innovative solution to the theme of ecological drama. Authentic and imaginative dance in collaboration with music and video is creating truly real world scenes.

Ballet "Carmen"

Producer: The Latvian National Conversation Orchestra, a dance artist: Milana Komarova.

A blister from the traditional "Carmen" box in the drama release. Quality and insight in excellent work. A choreograph handwriting is clear.

"Plug Glow" Exhibition t

Producer: "Wild film" company, Elīna Fīrmane, dancers: Liene Grava, Dmitry Gaitjukevich and Agnese Vanaga.

Technical performance of Liene Grava at a high level. One of the rare displays, made only in the airfield. The geology was successfully used as a story.

"My Eye Translation"

Producer: Latvian Academy of Culture, Laine Pole, dancer: Alise Madara Bokaldere.

The solution to the current problem in contemporary society is the way in which contemporary dance is performed. The concept of original and true vocabulary and high artistic performance.

Concert "The Wrong Is Wrong" t

Producer: Latvia Cultural College, Edmunds Veizans, dancers: Ilze Zurina, Katrīne Martinsone-Škapare, Kristina Tumakova, Edmunds Veizans, Emanuelis Zvaigznīte, students of Daniel Valpētere and LKK students.

The varied co-operation of dancers led to the creation of an interesting, stimulating dance. In one story, country dancing and contemporary dance are the natural reaction.

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