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As the artist acknowledges, they have both lived hard lives during the exhibition, and need huge energy.

“After the exhibition at the Olympic Games – you're running, and then relaxing. We don't plan to relax as we plan. You will live video about sex, money and overweight – the topics which are most important to people. Let's talk about women who have not reached an orgasm, about marriages, where women do not get to orgasm for 10 years and who don't know what it is, we also talk about how you can get people who don't know about their body and would discover after 30 years. t what really happens to them, ”a artist plans.

Kivičs admits that both of them with Skulma can be flu. "Maybe we could tell a lot about people in this area. There's a lot to see together, but their interest in each other and knowing their corporate side. I know about women who think that gender is just for people and that doesn't apply to them. I have heard a lot in Latvia as I have played over a thousand concerts and more everyone is sitting and drinking wine. Anyway, anyway, go to a sexual theme. Women think life is really just for men, indeed there is no sex of happiness and orgasm. "

I think we need to discuss it. With many Latvian couples living together if people ended with a gender, especially …

The musician hasn't been hiding before that Lien is very fond of him every day and he feels very happy about him. “How can you love each day? It's not common to talk about them in Latvia.

“We want a few people fluspeak because it is important. It is the Soviet heritage that it's the last place to be.

Both have also been careful in writing common books. As the musician Apollo found him, Liene would write one chapter in the forthcoming book, and the other herself.

"In his chapters, Liene tells you what she wants to say and what is important to her and injured. Outdoors, how does he go – into the year and creating the world of life? house, sheltering books, films and fashion, because you are not happy. "It's together, about the events we have in common." Like everything is true, "Kivič said. T

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