Krastiņš coming together with "Jūrmala Betsafe" – Basketball –

Yesterday, "Liepāja" reported that Krastiņš's transition was approved to another team, but did not mention a special unit. Now it is known that Krastiņš continues the season in Jurmala units. The club reports that the contract with its player is complete by the end of this season.

This season, Krastiņš was the famous local player Liepaja, who also carried out a team's teamwork and took 19 games, and allowing 11.2 points, 4.4 concepts and 1.9 high scores. / 2012 in the season when the player in the LBL competition matches the Lat 18 team, outside Liepaja. Liepaja's basketball system began to play the light in the LBL Division 2 competition in 2010, but in 2013 the player started to play a " played in the LBL competition in the main team. This is the seventh season in the Liepāja professional team.

This is the second addition to the Jurmala team in the past. Previously, the township club also hosted Yuri Alexeyev by Latvia, was played by the League League League League Jekabile.

The next game will be held by Sunday sailors, who will meet "Latvian University". Martins Gulby's training unit is now the last year in the competition with 11 benefits and 13 losses. The most striking fans of Pärnu and "Kalev TLU" in Tallinn have fewer fans (there is one smaller game at Pärnu), but the two advantages ahead – Tartu and Rapla – the same impact they have just fewer games played (Tartu two smaller games, Rapla – aon).

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