Kummini Berzins driver is winning World Cup youth

Gutes Berzins, the Latvian ship runner, has hit Friday in Winterberg in the fifth round of the World Cup for youngsters.

Berzins was influenced by a youth competition. This is the second success in the season and the second one in a row, since in the # 39; The first three stages was Latvian second.

Berzins won in the two races, with the fastest fans in both races, Pascal Kunci was doing the best, better than Germany with 0.207 seconds. At the same time, he was the third Russian Pavel Repilov, who lost 0.222 seconds into Latvian.

Eighth Eduard Shevich-Mikełevich, who lost 0.84 seconds to Berzins. He was seventh and nineteenth was a member. Lucas Krasts, who was not in the lead, did not apply for the race too.

Berzins has now been a World Cup leader because he has scored 455 points, with 416 points second Mariana Skupek.

On Friday, there was a competition for youngsters in Winterberg, where the Francesca Medal was 15th, Justine Maskale was 18th, but after the first race was sixth, Zane Kaluma in 25 the place, and he did not; Marta Zukule got the border in the second place. Young people, young people and teams are launched.

During this season, World Cup youths have six levels.

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