Tuesday , February 25 2020
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"Laima" will begin to make pink chocolate – Gourmets

Laima's motto contributes to the Laima Exclusive range of natural ruby ​​or pink chocolate windows. Rubber chocolate is unique due to its digested color and flavor, found by natural cues from ruby ​​cocoa ponds.

Ruby chocolate is designed by the Swiss coconut producer of Barry Callebaut, and is the fourth kind of chocolate that adds to dark, milk and white chocolate. Rubber cocoa is made with special cocoa beans without using color and flavor decorations, and is a pink, with a strong and advanced flavor.

"By developing and continuing the latest trends, Laima offers" Ruby "cocoa bean chocolate for her handsome lover, which is made especially by hand and surely it will create a taste completely new taste. Ruby's chocolate is not sour or sweet, but Pink Chocolate is an innovation in the food market, so we're very proud of Laima, Latvia, skilled craftsmen have been ready, "said Lineta Miksa, Head of Public Relations and Communications.

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