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Latvia National Theater has launched its hundred years centenary – Skatuve – Culture +

The Latvian National Theater celebrates its 100th anniversary, but has begun to prepare for five years, publishing the theater magazine "Būs!". The title enters 100 years from a & # 39; thought he had a digital image archive, n was created a theater history home page and Linda Ģībiete's "The Dramatic Theater" documentaries were created.

In the 100th season, both in the big and smaller halls of the theater, all the new authors are the work of Latvian authors – from the great opening of Rainis & # 39; Pūt, resolute to play Elm Sehnkov, which will become a seasonal "trench" during the first round, and in all other works – H .Gulbis "Cirulīši", set up for Laitidh farms and The owners, organized by Edmunds Freibergs, Z. Fēgezak in the "Ring Ring" (Viesturs Kairišs land), which allow us to look at some of the other pages of our land we forgot – and the product . But after the drama anniversary, the play is played by director Walter Sill and the writer John Baloža "Under Two Flags" for the 80s and his "Jumprava" group, where the play the best songs.

For one hundred years of the country, the second exhibition by Walter Sill – "Meeting Place – City Theater II" was set up for the "imagination" of the country.

Also in the theater halls, all exhibitions are in Latin work – and a series of four exhibitions in the Talla Ùr – Antiņš. Gold. Hill "," … the biggest weaknesses of your bills "," Journey to the north "," Latvians ", and the latest productions of the Actress Hall -" Paradoxical Latvia "and" Aka ".

The National Theater of National Theater's story is to mark the names of ten exhibitions – the "Jubilee Choices", or ten different performances with different directors, with something special in the drama's anniversary context. Starting with "Salomi" in the last days of January and her; ending with the name "Pūt, vējiņi" at the beginning of March. In the middle of one of our biggest events in recent years – "Latgola.lv", capable of meeting the theater hall 150 times. Before each of these exhibitions, the audience will be treated with the leader on the display in a question or one of the theater directors.

Shortly after establishing a Latvia state, the opinion of its own national theater, given to Riga with its ability. poet Janis Akurāters. The aim is to become a nationwide theater, a nationally important cultural and artistic center, to make the art and culture of the theater as the widest possible people.

The Latvian National Theater is home to a green roofed building on the edge of a canal; town in the old City Theater (Ruisis) buildings. But – as a result of the historical events in 1919, there is a debate in each National Theater of the National Theater, whether the theater's birthday is on 23 February, when the Staff Workers' Work is signed by the Government of Peter Stucka, or 30th November, when the theater itself starts after the Battle of Independence. as the Latvian National Theater.

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