Liene Ushakova is left without money due to the fact that the lawyer is famous – Famous people – – Entertainment

At a video where a & # 39; a woman who speaks openly about the situation and the letter he received Swedbank, then published Alps's text message screen. Ann, she says she does not remember the man.

"It's my choice and the person I wanted to connect to my life. And I will not give anything bad about someone. I have been loving. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, because I'm starting to feel like that, there's a problem with his head, "wrote Ushakova.

She then found that he was left without money for one. "Currently I have a" frozen "(closed) bank account that leaves me without money and the bank wants me to submit all the documents (cash matters) to my account from us and again it appears that the only one that is frozen bank account, "says the voice of the radio.

She did not hide that she had written "everything as it is" in the application to her; bank, and has been distributed on the internet for security purposes.

Ushakova confirms that other girls are broadcasting at night with similar situations, as well as being able to do so. Publishes a letter from a girl who had a similar situation with financial difficulties due to Alpes.

Another woman was damaged when women, including Ushakov, wrote bank statements for Alps because of her, and Raghnall's "good life" and her. See on social networks how the cigar smokes.

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