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Liepaja Theater plays "Gērbnieks" – Level – Culture +

Sir Ronald Harvey (1934) is a scriptwriter and scriptwriter (born in Cape Town, South Africa). The "Dresser" picture was written in 1980 and is based on the author's knowledge of acting as an actor – Sir Donald Wolfit from 1953 to 1958.

Does anyone know how much energy does a decorative office need? They come not only for a & # 39; cleaning uniforms, gardens and mustache, but also to solve the person's personal problems so that he can climb on the stage. Normans, who have been a office for many years, are familiar with everything that is happening in the theater and the head. But what if you've been living for someone else's lives for a long time, you've been ready for everything in an art name, and suddenly it's up to you; Understand that everything can disappear suddenly and unexpectedly?

Sometimes the very brutal, sometimes brutal product, features a part of the spectacles for the audience. It will take place twice and during its time; Achievement, but, as the leader stresses, "the show will not be just the theater, it will be for people. Artists who gave their lives in the art name, and their # 39 ; understand that they do not understand how they will live when everything goes out. "

Actors Edgars Puja and Roland Becker will end in the performance of the Lord and his uniform. Anda Albuže, Ilze Jura, Armands Kaušelis, Herberts Laukšteins, as well as guest artists, who have the well-known audiences for their roles at the Theater of Valmiera Drama – Inga Apine, who represents a lover who leannain, also a & n; participating in the exhibition.

"Le Inga realized all of us very quickly. She is from the people who work in the theater something more than just a place, saying the text and going home. In my opinion, The act of the actor is something deeper, it must be treated as something more than just work. It seems to me that everyone in our team is looking at the theater, we will & # 39; talk a lot about it, and my daily work I feel that everyone is on one wave, "said Petrenko.

The show will show original music by writer Arthur Muscat. "A. Muscat once wrote music for this production at Theile Theater in 1985. For this, this is a fascinating mind, music in this production will play an important part," the director has a " added.

The exhibition is also made by the designer Sintija Jēkabsone, artist Baiba Litina and light artist Mārtiņš Feldmanis.

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