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Specifically, the work of Inga Abele has been named as "a beautiful and deep fruit". Uldis Bērziņš, Inga Steam, Inga Žolude, Arvis Viguls u. c. – These are words that do not need comments. This time, unlike the last empty year, the three candidates were also nominated for their first time.

The literary writer Anda Baklane, the writer Inga Abele, the literary scholar Eva Eglāja-Kristsone, writer and translator Vilis Kasims, poet Ronald Briedis, writer Laura Dreiže and poet Laura Dreiže, revised its literary performance. Award Commission in 2018. 95 entries from 25 publishers were nominated for the award, and 20 nominations from nine publishers were announced.

Experts have decided to award a special award in the literature for building on a bilingual collection of poetry Trilium / Trillium in Liv and English, written by Liv Baiba Dammberg poets, Valts Ernstreits and Kempy Karlis, English translation is Uldis Balodis and Raian van Winkl. The stock was created by the Latvian state-of-the-art Latvian production arrangements at the London Book Market in 2018; Līvõ Kultūr sidām.

A collection of three poets in Liv and English. Trilliumof course, it is the first book of Liv poetry to be translated into English. There is part of its humility and it is almost impossible that a nation of such a small country holds its share, protecting their own wildest desires. Personally, the book is moved to a great extent as a reinforcement of boldness, continuity, even bravery – and this bravery is not intense. Efforts to retain a unique diversity and identity in a global pot of cultural shoes could be just right, not just a gardener, but also a pragmatic, ”that writes the producer. T literature Anda Baklane, chair of the awards commission.

The Commission for Lifelong Learning decided that the poet and poet, born in London in 1920, Welt Snorker, would make a special and vibrant contribution to Latvian poetry and poetry, expressing poetry in collaboration with signage. T hand-made yoga, which is called yoga. Velt Snowball, a yoga teacher, is also working to a degree of poetry by a virtues which expresses the essence and interconnectedness of all in laconic language circulation. Andrejs Eglītis, Vizmas Belševicas, Zinaīds Lazdas u. c. poems of authors, in 2019 Latvian songs were also published in English.

“The key issue is the poetry of Velt Sniķere the ability of a man to discover the deepest metaphysical meaning of the world and nature and to engage in a cosmetic race. In addition to being a clear concept in his poem, she has always introduced novels with laconism and the world's mythical vision specific to the songs. For a mantle, the author calls when the poem comes, "emphasizing Inga Ābele".

Eva Eglāja-Kristsone assesses the following: “..) The Velit Sniķere was the first Latvia to translate the songs and England, during the Cold War, like it was introduced in Latvian traditional dress to Latvian conversations to remind Soviet people living there. "

Ronald Briedis: "Velt Snowball's hands have moved on to full year, restoring Latvia's poetry to its origins and discovering links of Indian culture, both adding to the roots of Indian culture. T it represents the extension of a tradition in avant-garde theater and interdisciplinary art fields reflecting a distinctive role in the Velt Sniķere contribution to Latvian literature. "

The Latvian Literature Award will be awarded on 25 April at 10:00. 18 At the Riga Pump Station, Maskavas Street, 1969 The players will receive a cash prize in addition to the LALIGABAS lamp symbolic shape, and this is the image of the MĀJO design studio. A visual image was created by the artist Mareks Hofmann. The ceremony is written by publisher Anete Konste, drama director and cinema Marta Elīna Martinsone, stage architect and designer Ivars Veinbergs, stage designer and costume designer Sintija Jēkabsone. It will be directed by the actors Inga Alsiņa-Lasmane and Gatis Maliks, Sniege Prauliņa will take care of the cosmopolitan musical interlude.

9 April at 18 Reading on LALIGABAS's poetry in Rainis and Aspazija – Riga, Baznicas Street 30, and prose readings – April 18. 18 NicePlace In the room K. Barona Street 21a. All Events – Free.

Further information: and LALIGABAS social network accounts.

Lifetime Grant Award

Velta Sniķere

The best poetry work

Steam Inga Easter, Nectar

Arvis Viguls Orbit

Uldis Bērziņš Idilles, Neon

Langa Liāna Devil's Clothing, Nensns

Gunta Šnipke Roads, Mansard

The best prose work

Sea Zalite Paradise Birds, Daily Book

Inga Žolude Materia botanica, Daily Book

Jana Egle Alien or Miņņkiji moi, Latvian media

Andra Manfelde Latvian media came home

The best literary work for children

Maris Rungulis Three deaths in Martin. The ghosts tell of the transfer. Book 2, Small and big

Karlis Vērdiņš, dàn Otter, Big and small

Lily Berzinska Skeleton in the cabinet, the Everyday Book

Aivars Klavis, a problem The road to unknown land, Star ABC

The best translation

Estonian Translation Guntar Godin Kalevdel, Neasan

The Nobel George Perek translated by Gita Grinberg and Dena Dimins Life Management, Mansard

Nobel David Grosman translated by Mara Polakova The bar will enter the bar, Roze Jānis Publishing House

The novel by Kristina Sabaļauskaite, translated by Dace Meier Silva rerum IV, Star ABC

This is the first obvious exhibition

Kaija Eglīte apple Sculpture between apples, Nensns

Haralds Matulis Problems in middle class, Attic

Dainis Deigelis God stopped, Walter Daksha

Outstanding prize

A bi-lingual poetry collection Trilium / Trillium Liv and English, Society Līvõ Kultūr sidām

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