LTV is deleting a teletext between LTV studio and "Russia Today" in Latvia – News t

Mr Priede said in the light of what had happened and the results he had brought his working relationship with an LTV worker who, over his duty, switched his teletext between LTV and Russia. Eight ATV staff were still involved in teletext provision, but, as Mr Priede said, the process was negotiated and provided by an LTV employee no longer working.

The appendix explained that this worker had been done on his own, because the other ATVs only learned after the event. Gvido Ziluzis, Director of LTV's Publishing Division, said this LTV employee has been working in the company for over 30 years. Ziluzis also said that a bonus system had been imposed on this employee's pay, ie the money price will depend on the level of service sold.

Aurelius Ieva Druviete, representing the International Media Council (NEPLP), confirmed that LTV is part of Latvia's security and therefore LTVs are not allowed to operate on security control systems. In his opinion, it would be necessary to introduce new systems for automated tests.

Dagmar Beitene-Le Galla (MP) said she was not surprised by this situation. “We're talking about hybrid war, security. It is a surprise to ATV control of people who are politically literate. This raises a question about the responsibility of LTV drivers for work. NEPLP is also responsible, ”said Beitnere-Le Galla.

Artus Kaimiņš (KPV LV), chair of the Commission, also stressed how it should be asked not only from the rejected employee, but also from the ATM and NEPLP, the chair of the commission, remembering. the success of LTV members at the end of December last year. The neighbor said he had never been a good rule of government.

MEA Inara Mūrniece (VL-TB / LNNK) claimed that nobody would be saved, because it is a human factor, human value and an undeniable situation. "I would like to say that even in these circumstances the results could be even worse. Another" expert ", a grain preacher and terrible things can go in. I don't know if there should be any instructions on it. Because he sold it because he didn't sell the land for 100 euro, "Moore said.

Pine explained that, as well as completing the working relationship with an ATV worker, television also said that the use of buildings should be co-ordinated with regulation. In addition, "principle four-eye" is introduced to prevent unauthorized use of resources.

TVNET has already been announced that Russia's TV channel "Russia Today" was broadcast in mid-March. On 18 March, in a Facebook statement, ATVs representatives stressed that such a scenario was deemed inappropriate and invalid and without amendment. One member of staff responsible for leasing technical ATVs is responsible for the situation.

The National Council for International Media also felt this was unacceptable and feasible.

In the meantime, the ATVs are not publishing what they have found to hire a studio for the Russian television channel "Russia Today" on 14th March from the third television studio.

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