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Martsons Martinsons, an expert on Laser Medicine Clinic, will receive a monthly medical clinic at Ventspils Polyclinic

Martsons Martinsons, an expert on Laser Medicine Clinic, will receive a monthly medical clinic at Ventspils Polyclinic

2018 March 19, 16:20 / Ventspils Polyclinic Photo: Polyclinic Ventspils Archive

Outpatient clinics outside Ventspils, patients are introduced monthly on a monthly basis by Martinsons Marts, a proctologist at Clinic Laser Medicine. The first arrangement is arranged for 12 April. To register for a consultation at Ventspils Polyclinic, you should contact Client Laser Medicine.

Proctology is a medical department that examines diseases of the rectum and other parts of the colon. According to the surgeon and archaeologist A. Martinson, head of the Laser Medicine department, Laser Medicine, is an expert like this one of the doctors who should receive particular attention from the patient. The most common problem faced by patients in this area is hemorrhoidal disease, which is statistically estimated for every second European citizen. However, the specialization of the sonor is not restricted to him. "In Latvia, he is a disease expert who is particularly dealing with justice," said Martinsons. “People often think the surgeon works in all patients. There are times when you need it, but we use lots of other treatments too. The main difficulty is going to the expert, and after that the conversation will continue, ”said a proctologist.

A. Martinsons graduated from the University of Riga Stradins and acquired a doctorate in medicine. The diagnosis of doctors is a diagnosis of dose and justice diseases, medical treatment and a physician, application of low aggressive methods for hemorrhoidal disease and the destruction of minor orthopedic diseases, and other proctological diseases. He first began hemorrhoid surgery in eastern Europe in 2009.

To register for a Proctologist A. Martinson consultation at Ventspils Polyclinic, please contact Laser Medicine Clinic by visiting 67374747 or 67374744.

Here is some interview with the Proctologist A. Martinson: t

Should a special expert visit?

People often visit and ask this question. No first preparation is necessary. Some people think that they should not eat or drink all day, or they should cure for cleaning soaps, but this is not necessary. If a person has a full sense of feeling that they are better, he or she can make one intervention with drugs without orders being available in the shop, but it is also optional. If further arrangements are needed for the future of a particular procedure, your doctor will tell you about it and prescribe the medicines you need. There is no need for medication, no ordering or over the counter.

What are the questions in a viewer in an patient interview and are there things that can think ahead about being able to respond?

Essentially, the questions are about complaints, stomach and other things. If you have any other illnesses, you should take medical records. Many people go to the doctor and are forgetting what they wanted to ask. To avoid this, it is best to write your paper questions in advance. Your doctor is looking for natural questions. Finding out about the work of colleagues in the developed countries of the west, we will see that patients are spending time on the journey, and that people use it, with an interest in different treatment. T , who are looking for information already. We are delighted to be working with such patients.

How will the patient be checked?

It will be made by an expert, a nurse. Inquiries take place in a designated closed viewroom, when the patient usually sleeps on the side. The doctor analyzes the analogue field, which is usually followed by a shorter-scale test, which is based on a mild conjugate. Patients with chest pain or may increase the likelihood of hemorrhoids being more unpleasant. In the first survey, in most cases, a more in-depth investigation is carried out by a formidable professional mirror which allows you to see a quadrilateral section about 10 centimeters in length. It is also made out of loom and is not painful. In most cases, the information from this monitoring is sufficient to assess the patient's problems. If there is any suspicion, especially in the case of blood, there are additional trials ordered. There is often a need for a colonoscopy, magnetic resonance, color protection, rectal headgear, and other diagnostic methods, but they require a small number of patients. It is very important to check that we are dealing with serious illnesses, which are very similar to hemorrhoids. This means that people should not go to the doctor if they feel uncomfortable in their surroundings.

Many doctors say that patients are often only helped when problems have been introduced. Is he also in proactology?

We have a wide variety of patients, some come in at some time, some are late. In fact, it is unfortunate that malignant neoplasm proves that hemorrhoids had been thought and that the treatment is late. But when it comes to hemorrhoids, we can also help the patient at the end of stages, although taking more effort and resources, usually treating treatments, can help. We assess the situation and offer solutions, depending on the circumstances, explain the most appropriate way and the other options, advantages and disadvantages.

What are the processing methods used in the proctologists for Hemorrhoids?

Conservative cures with oral preparations such as candles and glue are often possible. Sometimes it is just enough to have enough lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity. There is no need for treatment, especially treatment of interpretation, but if it affects or flows. Treatment with hemorrhoid treatment can be handled – which is associated with little of the localized adverse impact, leaving it well, sore, and the fastest result possible. If more intervention is needed – surgery – it needs to be more serious and recovery is slightly longer. Recently, laser technologies have been introduced in practice, being our first clinic experts in Latvia to invest laser technologies efficiently by different levels of hemorrhoids. But there are also difficulties when the only other option exists as a classroom.

Are there any situations in which a specialist should come to a trial for a ban, even if there is no complaint?

This may be useful, for example, for women who have hemorrhoids and expect to be pregnant. He then has the chance to come to the test in time, as pregnancy and childbirth will bring up ill-health and accelerate hemorrhoids. If a woman goes into a profession shortly before the birth of a child, professional options will be limited because many necessary medicines and anesthesia are not recommended during pregnancy if surgery is required.

Is it possible to use Hemorrhoids to repeat new methods of healing?

Effective treatment is effective, but it should be said that it is not a way in any way. Resumption of problems is dependent on a number of factors relating to the characteristics of the patient's body, general health, practices, opportunities, and willingness to follow the doctor's lifestyle proposals. Sometimes people ask if they can 'keep everything out there' to prevent hemorrhoids any more. It could be compared with the demand for a dentist to pull out all the teeth so that they do not have to repair it. A blood vessel handle around the rectum in the body does a special job – if the right hand lock can be compared to a water tap, this meaning is like a seal blocking water from dripping. If heemorrhoids trouble you after a while, it comes to us, we can treat and understand the best, the strategic view.

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