Maxima launches this year's investment plans. In total, more than EUR 30 million is invested

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By 2019, the retail network "Maxima Latvija" will expand considerably the series of stores by opening up a range of new forms, several small-scale shops, as well as a total reconstruction of 10 existing properties. already, some of these will be considerably extended.

Overall investment in the resource network expansion and consumer buying experience is expected to be over EUR 34 million.

Maxima Latvija Board Chairman Andris Vilcmeiers notes that Maxima Latvia will be this year's biggest year.

As residents increasingly assess the opportunity to buy everything in one place, the “Maxima XXX”, “Akropole” project will be opened in the Spring which will be one of the most recent Maxima stores. T in the Baltics.

“But we accept that a large part of the population accepts that it is possible to buy the necessary goods close to their homes, we will provide a large part of the financial and work resources available to them. “Small openings”, or small vestibules, and retreats, ”said A. Vilcmeiers.

Last year, Maxima Latvija re-assembled 10 times and opened six new shops, including the first Maxima Express shops in the Baltics, as well as Maxima XXX's Supermarket, which grew up in the 1970s. "Riga Plaza" fashion and entertainment center.

Maxima Latvija Ltd. is a network of 163 stores in Latvia, and 129 of the "X", of which there are 129, are 24 "XX" and six are “Maxima Express”.

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This year Maxima has also been a director of electromobility in Northern Europe, including lithium-ion-friendly stacks and technology which help in everyday life and operations. simpler work and makes it more comfortable.

The company is part of the property company Maxima Grupe, the sales agency and biggest employer in the Baltic States, with over 30,000 workers in five countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria).

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