McDonald's will be launching a plastic accent in Latvia on request

To encourage guests at McDonald's restaurant to reduce the use of plastic straps, Latvia's tasting of straw is specially designed for special demand.

As the company contacts portal, Tuesday, 9 April, activity in the exam mode was launched at McDonald's restaurant in Jelgava. At the beginning of June, it is planned to introduce other McDonald restaurants in Latvia. Drinks from the regular menu of McDonald's will be delivered near the straw. Some drinks, like milk creels, still run out with straw, the company said.

“McDonald's is promising to find other sustainable options as well as traditional plastic accents. Considering an international shift in aiming to sustainable solutions in everyday life, we are always working to provide environmentally friendly choices in our restaurants. This is just starting with a bigger reduction in plastic consumption in our restaurants, ”said Vladimir Janevsky, Managing Director of McDonald's in the Baltic States.

The trial period starts on 9 April and lasts 45 days.

The company reports that fuel on demand is just part of McDonald's global commitment to package sustainability. McDonald's worldwide goal is to move to 100% packaging materials from renewable or recyclable materials across all McDonald's restaurants around the world by 2025 and next. touring.

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