Members are asked to explain the use of the ATV study for Russia today

Representatives from Latvian Television and the International International Media Council were invited to the meeting.

A meeting of the Commission will be held at 10.00 on Tuesday.

As reported, an interview with Russian TV channel was broadcast last week at Latvia Television Studio. • Russia today. The name Monday Facebook Representatives from Latvian Television confirmed that this was inappropriate and unreasonable and unreasonable practice.

Facebook The unknown statement confirmed to the Latvian Television Management or Latvia Television News Service.

Latvian Television also commented in the register that there was a breakdown of circumstances at the time and an explanation was sought from the appropriate staff. At the same time, Latvian Television is said to strongly strengthen decision-making processes regarding the acceptance of rent of learning and equipment and the provision of satellite communications to third parties, as well as coordination with the management of the services. Latvia's Board of Directors and Television Board.

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