“Milk Diesel”, “Tujauzinikur”: companies have acquired the most interesting names

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I am hopeful and confident. These were the names of many companies registered last year. They call miracles, conscience, and good work, animals, birds and supernatural creatures such as angels and place names.

As with every year, on 1 April, Lursoft has created the most interesting names for companies registered last year.

For over two years in 2018, young entrepreneurs have taken advantage of describing company names. So, in 2018, the city of Salaspils, which was called "Sapņu salinas", was in Riga and the SIA "Sapņu square" and "Sapņu square" were recorded.

No, you wouldn't have to talk about a modesty here, but if you have your dream, then with an ambition. As well as the scenery and islands of dreams, we also have our own Dream House.

The county Ropaži registered company indicated they would be involved in making kitchen furniture, but only a few days earlier it was a dream of a beautiful white dress – SIA “The Wedding House of Latvia” was recorded.

The information contained in the Lursoft statement indicates that the company has "www.weddingshoes.lv" registered, but the website is not yet available, so it is not possible to make a judgment How impressive and beautiful it will be.

But the time from dream to teasing self-confidence, which shows that we are doing well. For example, the society "Cerību spārni" registered a company selling "Visi var" in 2018, but its "Viss and possible" information service provider began its work in Talsi.

And, if anything is possible, perhaps one of them believes in the words of the Celmins family to say it in their name "Beer is sú". And of course, if water was converted to wine, why can't we tell that a juice has a beer?

Our entrepreneurs are able to be creative even if they have no comment on how their new company will be named. So, in Latvia last year, we were in the “Name” of the SIA. Information available on a company registered in mid-December 2018 is still very low at this time.

Meanwhile, Gvido Reiss and Aiva Valdmane, founder of SIA sales company 'Tujauzinikur', have been creating a creative company.

For those who have not yet known where, the location of the legal address is based in Teika, Kandava District, Kandava. Less creative is the ones recorded in April 2018 "You already know".

However, if you do not know who and who, then the information in the Lursoft statement then tells the new company owners who have said that their structural unit is like a Concert Hall You already know, in Riga , Tallinas Street 10.

These are Uldis Trapencieris and Armands Siliņš, for which the newly-registered company with an equal ownership – 50% each.

We are very careful when designing different scenarios for both B, C, and Z, if that appears to be happening in every way.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneur from Ari-Petri Johannes Lahtinen is sure to be on a timetable and there is no need for new options, so SIA without Plan B has been registered t last November.

However, we do not ignore the fact that the competent industry is not only the Finns, but it is only Latvians, and SIA “Latvieši var” is recorded as proof. Not only is Latvians, but also animals.

So, in the Daugavpils area last year, the company “Ezis var”, which works in the barbar field, was recorded in Daugavpils.

We will be able to judge whether or not at the time of submitting your first annual report, but now that SIA Ezis has tax credits of EUR. var.

Young entrepreneurs are usually divided into two parts – one chooses the names of the smokers themselves, even not to mention the scope of the company, while others speak the language directly.

For example, if there is a problem, the SIA "FREES Piezvani Marekam" certainly detects a solution or SIA "Buljona meistars" from Babellite, who has recorded his structural unit in Līatne.

If you want to go into the sun in spring, you have to call the “window washing experts” Limited, but sometimes when your tummy reminds you, you have to be very careful of getting to the window. for SIA “potatoes potatoes”.

If all of these companies are clear from their name, then SIA "Piena Dīzelis", "Mazliet romantikas", Ltd. "Labi, paldies!", Ltd. "When I saw her", "Rita stienis" Ltd., etc.. the names of companies registered in last year will be great riddles for the customers they may have.

Interactive names of companies registered in 2018: t


All var, ltd. (Sigulda County);
Milk Diesel, SIA (Riga);
Easier it, Ltd. (Garkalne Municipality);
Smile Office, Ltd. (Riga);
Lass skujiņa, SIA (Marupe county);
Sapņu Saliņa, SIA (Salaspils novads);
Small Romantikas, SIA (Skrundas novads);
Beast Stop, ltd. (Adazi)


All Opportunities, Ltd. (Ogres novads);
Labi, paldies !, SIA (Riga);
Buljona Meistars, SIA (county of Babite);
Please do it together, ltd. (Marupe County);
Turn left, SIA (Smillie county);
Žubīte Žū, SIA (Riga);
Like a fairy tale, Ltd. t (county Saulkrasti)


Mazie Geniiji, Ltd. (Olaines novads);
Also here, SIA (county Rezekne);
Sweet dwarf, ltd. (county Ozolnieki);
When I saw her, SIA (Riga)


You already know it, SIA (county of Caesis);
Sanslides, SIA (Daugavpils)
Pukstuzeme, SIA (Gulbene Municipality);
Cottages by the sea, SIA (Riga);
Zaptsmaize, Ltd. (Cēsis Municipality)


Trāpītava, SIA (Ventspils);
A beautiful fairy tale, SIA (Riga);
Good Conduct, SIA (Ērgļu novads);
Higher still, LLC (Liepāja);
The juice, SIA (Riga), has a beer;
Rita stienis, SIA (Riga);
Swing by the river, IK (county of Limbaži);
SIA (Tartan County) is all possible.


Ašais, SIA (Garkalne Municipality);
Butterfly touch, Ltd. (Rugāji County);
Conscience School, Ltd. (Sigulda Municipality);
Jautrais bebrs, SIA (Smiltene county);
Klusuma kabatas, SIA (Riga);
Tujauzinikur, Ltd.. (Kandava County);
Window Washing Experts, Ltd. (Tukums Area)


Comments as houses, SIA (Salaspils novads);
Kustīgs-Lustīgs, IK (Cēsis Municipality);
Omammas works, Ltd. (Sigulda County);
Aņuks, SIA (Grobiņa region)


Wind farm, SIA (county Aizpute);
More sports, SIA (Saldus novads);
Milk broth, IK (Riga);
Topinambūr brālība, SIA (county Kegums);
Val value Master, Ltd. (Liepaja);
Jautrības sala, SIA (Liepaja)


Unusual Viss, SIA (Jurmala);
Cruthachaidh (LLC) (LLC);
Well, SIA (county of Ikshkiles);
You cannot call Marekam, SIA (Salaspils novads);
Ezis var, SIA (county Daugavpils);
Childhood Pleasure, Ltd. (Siorrachd Adazi);
NoName, SIA (Riga)


SPONSORTS, LTD. (Marupe County);
Command Potato Commanders, Ltd. (Kegums Municipality);
7 Friday, SIA (Riga);
My Little Peka, Ltd. (Olen County);
Ezīša midziņa, SIA (Mālpils novads);
Latvieši var, SIA (Riga)


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