More than 400 patients have been violated by measles in Lithuania. Can the wave of this disease also affect Latvia?

The vicious truth in Lithuania alongside. Compared to last year, the number of registered cases exceeded ten times. Can Latvia also be affected by the disease, where there has only been one case in measles this year?

Last year, a record number of cases registered in Lithuania are recorded. It is not yet known what happened because of this, but in a Lithuanian center for Dental and AIDS diseases, it is assumed that the disease has come with passengers as well as Lithuania in other countries, such as Ukraine.

Current attendance data shows that half of all cases are listed in Kaunas' second largest city.

“At the moment, 415 cases of measles were recorded in the country. Most adults, the number of children who are ill, is around 60. The definition of this situation is due to a low population immunization. Or you don't have a full circle. Two measures of protection are needed, ”Zigmas Nagis, spokesman for the Lithuanian Center for Acute and AIDS Diseases.

So far, only one case has been recorded in Latvia. At this time, their ongoing Neighborhood is concerned, however, distribution is not just a short space of time, not a center for disease prevention and control.

“I think there is no reason at this time for restrictions on travel between countries, since Lithuania is not the biggest place to be sick. In Italy, for years, the Greek epidemic, Romania, Romania. In Slovakia, too, the event is also high, ”said Elina Dimina, Head of Disease Disease and Immigration, SPCC.

Masal is a infectious disease given to a sick person by speaking a cough with a sneeze. The person usually starts only 10-12 days after the disease. Signs – high temperature, light sensitivity, red rash on and behind the ears. After that they spread through the body.

Both foods can be protected, but it can be uncomfortable and threatened to be caught with colleagues or family members. Immunization is therefore considered as the most effective way. This should be done twice. It is better at year, and at seven years of age then.

Currently, children in Latvia are high in vaccine – from 95% to 98%, according to the year. It does not fully defend it, but overall the spread of the disease is limited.

“There, then, should not be a local dispute in Switzerland or other countries. This general protection will protect more or less. In adults with a few doses we know 85% of antibodies are made after a single measurement. Those people who have difficulties with its connection should not be infected, ”said Dace Zavadska.

The total figures contain Lithuania a little lower than Latvia. 96% to 94%, but they are at least one pot. Moreover, as adults are mostly adults, the disease is now considered to be weaker.

“I would like to look again at your brewing packs, or ask a family doctor, look around or have the flu vaccine. In particular for children, ”the SPCC has Head of Department for Occupational Therapy Monitoring and Vaccination.

In previous years, when Latvia had several patients, several vaccines could not be proven. However Latvia is not a response from Lithuania.

It is recommended that you stop traveling to Lithuania or another high-risk country directly to un vaccinated people.

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