NBA Viewer: Knicks owner, Dolan, looks at opportunities for her & # 39; sell a club

James Dolan,
James Dolan

National basketball team owner (NBA), James Dolan, looks at her & her; chance to sell a & # 39; club, Bill Simons, a popular basketball observer in his latest broadcast broadcast.

"Several people near Dolan have told me that he is looking for things to sell the club," said Simons. "It's happening right now and I got this information from reliable people at the NBA's all-star weekend."

Often, the Knicks were criticized publicly in recent years because the clubs have been successful so far, as decisions of Much agreement with Žoakim Noah and several other players (Cortney Lee, Tim Harvey) who were not regarded as trees.

Also, at the beginning of this year, the Kristaps Porzins, the top star of Latvian, will change due to future trends, salaries and players, and the games unit can not Play Exclusion for the last five seasons.

"Dolans is interested in developing the club's Madison Square Garden, and also wants to develop the overall visitor experience in games and concerts. He wants to invest a lot of money in , so he has been considering selling huge money for his club, but investing himself in the field development, "said Simons.

At the same time, the NBA director Sham Sharan Twitter writes that "Knicks" think this is a misleading information. "This is 100% false and we do not have any debates on this topic," said Sharan, who wrote. mentions the situation of her club.

Billionaire Dolan got out of Madison Square Garden (MSG) and Knicks New York and Rangers (National Hockey League), his father, in 1999, but has been a supporter for several years ( especially the Knicks) he hopes that Dolan will decide to sell his / her own basketball club by going to his / her. Leadership of the team is more familiar.

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