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"We have been aware of the allegations for a period of time," said the NBPA. “We have investigated the allegations made by the accused and, according to our current data, we wish to give Kristaps the opportunity to favor it. "

The Mavericks team didn't make up in Oklahoma City, but the Dallas club leader Rick Carlisle told the media before the game that it was the original plan. Carlisle didn't talk more about Porzins and didn't obscure any other comment.

Latvian Basketball Superstar Kristaps Porzinsis has come to the attention of New York Police last year and the New York Post was announced tonight. Drunkard is accused of aborting a year ago, and New York Police are investigating these costs. The Porziņģa solicitor refused these complaints publicly, and found that the leadership of the league and the authorities had already been brought to the attention of the accused's attempts to make payments out of Porzins.

ESPN said that on the other hand Knicks' rule, who also reported the Mavericks two months ago, was about to resist. This was at the time when the two teams were at the final stages of the conversation process, which culminated in the arrival of the Porzins in Mavericks. But there is a complaint against the same story in Dallas, says the Morning News News.

These media write that a number of sources within the Dallas club have paid special attention to the information given by Knicks. "The word Knicks use is" the portal gives an anonymous name, which was also proved by another source, saying "rape has not been mentioned in the information provided by New York Club.

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