OIK will not be removed within the time limits proposed by the Saeima News

Riga, March 26, LETA. More important than removing the required part of supply (OIK), electricity costs are reduced; Tuesday after government meeting Ralf Nemiro, Minister for Economy (KPV), recognized journalists will be on show.

The Saeima asked the Ministry of Economics (MoE) to postpone the opportunities on OIK from 31 March this year, but, on the basis of the information provided by the Ministry, that OIK will impact adversely on t economic pressure, the Government decided not to move the proposal to move the OIK within the deadline set by Saeima. The Government will inform the Saeima National Economy Commission of the relevant decision, to which the report will inform HM.

Nemiro confirmed that when the negative impact of OIK was ruined, not just legal consequences, but that several power plants, electricity and heat prices would rise, as well as rising heat prices. green targets for promoting renewable energy. Furthermore, if Latvia does not meet the green targets, the European Commission will have the ability to initiate proceedings against the country for breach of the sentence, to pay the sentence until the targets are reached. green".

Accordingly, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) EM gave a briefing to EM on the preparation of green energy support by 31 May, but after a review of Saeima, the minister will prepare appropriate changes to the laws to propose changes. for effect. The chaos did not predict when it might happen, but he expressed the hope that the electricity bill could be adapted by the people in 2020. t

“EM will be implemented within two months for proposals to cut electricity bills and not to increase heat prices. Removing OIK is not as important as reducing electricity bills, ”said the Minister for Economy.

Nemiro argued that OIK has only a small portion of the electricity bill, so HMI will assess the main components of electricity bills, even emissions of electricity distribution and distribution. “To reduce electricity bills in place, I see the opportunity to work on this, but have not yet considered these issues and these will be considered,” said the Minister.

When asked, with this day's decision, the political power KPV LV, represented by Nemiro, did not deprive the electors of pressure on illegal OIK and accepts it. quickly, the Minister announced that "KPV LV" came during the rehearsal "in the light of the following situation and attracting warm attention of the system".

"This system was not handled at the time of going to press, but we will accept this now. We have not asked the First Minister for years [OIK jautājuma risināšanai]except for two months. This issue will be settled in a short space of time, "emphasis is Nemiro."

It was already mentioned that EM was recommending to the government the decision on changes to the Electricity Law, to remove the public commercial concepts OIK, as well as of Remove the legal rules governing the state under the required method of provision. Therefore, the end users of the electricity would not cover the costs of the support provided by these provisions.

On Tuesday, HM informed the government that a change to this law could be a criminal case. "For state support, there are predicted risks to investment protection, as well as the constitutional court. These legal risks can be greatly reduced by preparing for compensatory devices, as well as the backdrop of compensation." moving time further or by identifying critical locations as the basis for such solutions, "said the Ministry.

Equally, the solution offered by EM is considered to be a significant risk for loss in these issues, causing a further loss to the state budget in the years ahead in the amount of one billion euros.

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