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People are struggling to see Oleg Auzer's "Living Silver" museum have moved to Riga

The "Living Silver" Museum opened at the Old Town on Saturday. Here you can see the works of the colorful silver artist Oleg Auzer, and you can see not only the precious metal works of that art, but also the top of that jewelery.

Oleg Auzer started jewelery from the age of 20 and chose money from the start. It has created hundreds of jobs, many of which are recognized around the world. Auser was born in Riga, but his family came from Limbazi, where the museum was established six years ago. Well, he has moved to the Old Town and is situated in a few steps from Dome Square.

“This is a new, thought-provoking way for the production of the production, therefore not only to prepare out here, but every work, its own life, has a spirit of a spirit that speaks of its own way t weaknesses, interests, experiences and, straightforward, created it. so everyone can get a feel for what he doesn't always think, ”says Auzer.

The museum exhibits works created over the last 20 years, and is expected to enhance the exhibition in the future.

It is one of the most impressive shows of Auzer's great museum called 'The Castle of the Future', a celebration of life on the earth in 3001, which illustrates the imagination that it can be t all faiths to live together.

In 2005, however, he had the task of causing refugees' suffering in recent years in what is known as the 'European Death'. "The attack came with men who are drowning, flying, where the wave pits those people, up with the idea just after the war in Iraq, and then events. T What the next waves are expected to come to Europe. "Essentially it is a punishment for us for our misunderstanding which we think of ourselves, our comfort, and our conscience;" that we can't think of the others. ”

Auzer once collaborated with the vice-chancellor Vaira Vike-Freiberga and made gifts to his senior foreign officials from money. The yacht, pictured in the museum, was not eventually taken to the Spanish King Juan Carlos.

As well as creative activities, Auzer also trains young jewelers. On the first floor of the museum there is a workshop where people can see the jewelery making process.

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