PHOTO: Samsung sets out a Foldable Screen for Converting Smartphone to Tablet

In Samsung's Samsung Product News conference in San Francisco, a senior president of the company's mobile marketing promoter Justin Denison, a public phone prototype on Wednesday, announced that The company is ready to install the screen screen of the screen in the coming months.

However, Denison did not give any information on when Samsung's mobile phone tended to reach users.

"This screen is a smartphone base for tomorrow. When it is open, it's a list that offers a great screen experience. When it is closed, it is a phone that can be put into your pocket, "said Denison.

At the same time, at the beginning of this week, Royole's name in California has named the folded digital phone that is available commercially in the world. A "FlexPai" smartphone is available for orders with an initial price of 1318 dollars (1147 euros).

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