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Police: Bedrinas street drivers are struggling and do not. traffic safety driving

Bedrainas Street drivers create tension and do not have a strain. Promoting common traffic safety, Normunds Krapsis, Head of State Police Department (VP) said.

The VP representative reminded that streets and road infrastructure are one of the three main locations for good traffic safety, although the LP does not have a duty to keep roads.

The police do not collect information on how often & # 39; The poor state of the street has been the cause of traffic collisions. If the driver does not have a voluntary insurance and the vehicle will be damaged by entering the hole, it must be reinforced by a protocol; police. This means that the LP has to leave so much a disaster and spend its own resources, and it would be a bit worse; better be allocated to more important traffic safety monitoring measures, and Krapsi definition.

He argued that there were many of these disasters in the Riga department, but Kraps did not have any info on entering the pit or his / her; Stone avoidance in recent years is also the cause of major accidents.

"In all major disasters, police experts are diagnosed with the causes, but one thing is clear that the bumpy street drivers are causing tirelessness and a desire to & # 39; breaking the rules of the road, for example, with reorganization, "he said. He also promised that the drive could have improved a road after driving on a poor road to deserve to break the speed limit to reach faster destinations.

As a result of the above, the LP can only publicize the street and street operators to organize the most difficult street departments of their owners.

It has already been reported, by changing the air temperature regularly in the last few days, that the state of Riga streets and deep rods has declined dramatically, with many drivers damaging on their cars.

At the same time, Emil Jakrins, Operations Director of Riga City Council's Traffic Department, said that although every year, despite a lack of money, blocked the pieces on Riga streets. Accordingly, there are around two million euros spent annually on ditches in Riga streets, but at least seven to eight million berries should be allocated for this purpose, to improve the general state of the streets .

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