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Siberia two in fifth place after & # 39; PČ's first two races – other sports – Apollo.lv – Sport

After the first two races, a team has a & # 39; Today's Championship and World Cup winner, Francesco Friedrich, is first rated by 0.12 seconds guide to Canada Krips from Canada.

Even after & # 39; First race, both were in positions. Last year in Pyongyang, the two pilots were a gold medal division in the # 39; this topic.

But the third man after his first two days is German Niko Walter, which is from Friedrich. looking back in 0.29 seconds.

At the same time, just behind the first three, there is a British team with Brad Hool, and Ķibermanis, along with pusher Matisi Mikni. Lups are not alive 0.43 seconds from the first place, and 0.14 seconds from the first place.

After his first race, he was a fourth place, but the second journey was made with several tenths slower, and shows the sixth time, which caused the same situation to be lost.

The second Latvian team is Ralf Berzins and Dusse Spriņi's pusher after his first two trips in 20 places. After his first time, he was in a small 23 position, but on the second race, he held on the 17th century that allowed him to enter the last twenty years. better.

World Championships are divided into four trips, so the third and fourth race will be on Sunday night.

The World Cup finished last week. Friedrich got a big hit on the couples, winning the eight races while & # 39; Kiebermanis was second, the podium climbed in five out of eight levels – two thirds and three-thirds.

But Berzins was the 18th contestant in this season, just 18 in the season, but did not participate in two stages.

On Saturday, women's co-ops will be launched as part of the World Championship, and Sunday teams will compete. The 2010 Planet Competition at the Vancouver Olympics will be closed next week when the magnificent quadruples and quads are on the way.

Currently, Kbermanis is the 25th anniversary of the second everyday pilot in Latvia in the last few years behind Oscar Melbourne, who will not return to the season. The ninth in the Phoenix Phoenix Olympics, and finished the season in the World Cup for two for the top four.

At the same time, 21-year-old Berzins, is a World Cup beginner.

Previously, a playground was played in a bobsleigh and a creature in 2017, but not everyone had won the prize, but at the moment. Gold Duck, Martin Dukur, had his fifth occupation like this.

In the World Championships in Bobsleigh and Skeleton, b & # 39; Laitie athletes are 11 medals – six gold, two silver and three bronze. In Bobsleigh, there were two awards in 2015, when Melbardis and pusher Daumants Dreiskens took the second phase of the podium in Winterberg. They are the only prizes for Latvia in this topic.

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