SKA finally reserves over CSKA, Series 1-2 – Ice Hockey – t

CSKA appeared in the first third of the campaign, trying to put Igor Schestyorkin's goal at risk more than twice as often as opponents (17: 8). Court SKA performed three times in a minority. One of the 17 rubbish carried out by the Muscovites found one way out of Pavel Karnauhov's bat blade just at the SKA gate just the second before the end of the first third (1: 0). Andrejs Svetlakovs stopped a passport lost by Patrick Hersley, who passed the Karnauhov wheel, which he fitted over the keeper's SKA's coffin, and lost SKA players.

In fact, SKA's main coach, Ilya Vorobjov, was able to find the right words to motivate the team, because after Alexander Barabanov's first attempt to get rid of it in the game for St Petersburg. Nikolai Prohorkin, after the Barabanov pass, introduced a deeper bag into the attack zone, given to Arty Zub, a visitor in front of the visit. The creditor CSKA stopped his opinion, but Barabanov, who had just completed this time game (1: 1), was at the time and in the right place. After either of the 13th minute, SKA found an error in enemy defense, and Nails Jakupov managed the game CSKA gamekeeper, but after the video review, the judges concluded that they did not. T counting a goal. Third, SKA, which was damaged by Ilya Sorokin 29 hours, had a clear lead on it, and only eight views were allowed on the gate itself.

In the third third, the teams were careful to avoid errors, and therefore the final aim was not expected. A third of the attack phase involves active homeowners also placing 16 guns at the CSKA gate, and the Moscow unit of risk posed the risk of SKA seven times, due to insufficient due to the t an additional time that had to be solved by the game.

An extra 12 minutes was needed to find out which winner of the game, which SKA, who had bombed Muscovites through the spelling, had not yet produced. Nikolaj Prohorkin last visited the game when all five CSKA players took over, Prohorkins decided to set the goal. Sorokin couldn't work smartly, which enabled SKA supporters to celebrate the phodium.

Tomorrow, the interests in the finals in KHL continue with the third meeting of Omsk "Avangard" led by Latvian lead coach Bob Hartley and "Salavat Yulaev" Ufa. "Avangard" is currently ahead with 2-0, with previous games having extra time with 4: 3 and success in the last game (4: 1).

Calendar of Semifinals KHL Gagarin Cup

Couple 1st game Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Game 6 * Game 7 In the series
CSKA – SKA 2: 1 3: 1 1: 2P. 03.04. 05.04. 07.04. 09.04. 2-1
Avangard – Salavat Yulaev 4: 3P. 4: 1 02.04. 04.04. 06.04. 08.04. 10.04. 2-0

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