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Stojanovich welcomes achievement and improvement, but regrets the useless opportunities – Football –

– We all – viewers, fans, coaches – saw a good and positive game from both teams. We had opportunities, there were opportunities for poles. If you don't make your times to a team of quality as good as Poland, you'll be sure you are punished. The game was open. In the first half, we were focused on our work, but as soon as there was a lack of strength and physical fitness, it was a problem – especially in the second half. But there was still a good game. We have taken a step on the right track. It should not be forgotten that we played against the elite team, that we played in a unique playing field and in a very good atmosphere. Polish Congratulations to be successful.

– How are you doing Pjonteka? Will you be more specific about the others? (Polish journalist question)
– It's sure hottest one there is a player in Italy and he has gained a lot, in the form of a good sport. His quality could be seen tonight. I did not know which of the attackers would have expected in the main line as they had three, but finally the coach chose Levandovski and Piontek. We didn't have to give him too much room – even if he lost for one second, he could spend a visit. Aye, he didn't go this time, but he faced a lot of problems yet. But I think our guards played very tight on tactics. Congratulations to our team for all they have shown and on how to 100% increase the reach of the team.

– Is there a clear improvement in Skopje compared to the first game?
– It is difficult to talk about a substantial progress now if we do not show it in the next game. But of course we were better, more aggressive, more agile and more of the opportunities in this game than in the north of Macedonia. We looked like a team. 65.-70. minutes when physical difficulties began. There was no other problems, just physical, that made it impossible for us to capture enemies. Three four footballers wanted to change, so we had to pick and choose the ones that should have changed. In fact, we have shown better performance than in the first game and we want to continue in the same way. This game has been more positive and I hope this is not one game.

– Steinbark and Ikauniek movement were obvious because Vinny was getting out and refusing to request, but for some reason did you choose Gutkovski, Savior and Laizan? Have they used their opportunity?
– There was a clear change of the custodian. Šteinbors took the lead and gave it a great time – it was saved in crucial moments and encouraged the team to let him play more freely. As for the rest, they also played good games. Yesterday many players had difficulties – wounded. Ironically, I thought about the other basic attachment, but after the exercise, the situation changed, and we chose this section. I am delighted with the presentation they have presented.

– Did Steinbors have a good game to see like the long-term visitor?
– I've been talking about her performance. He played well and am pleased. The archers are good at visiting. He had not had so many options before, and I am very happy about him. We will see how it will be in the future.

– Which players were injured?
– Trauma Zhulev. He said in the morning that he was not finished. At the same time, Tober and Gabov did not produce many injuries. If they weren't 100% ready, I didn't want to go to risk, as such a strong opponent like Poland should be ready.

– Because Poland is playing with two attackers, who was thought to be playing with three guards instead?
– I thought the poles would be played by two attackers. I also think about a difference with three middle and two guards, but I didn't know how I would prepare such a model without any training – there are not enough theoretical lessons. This is not a "Sports Station" or a "Football Manager" that won't do anything against Poland.

– The first two games under your command. What are the initial decisions about the sample and competitiveness of this group?
– It is too early to make decisions. I think about tomorrow, we will look at those seven days well. I have seen some positive results in the team. Not only on the playground, but also outside the dressing room. As I said at the first press conference, I don't enjoy the way we finished, and so on. There is not a lot of people able to speak about now so that we can do anything. We lost today – it's a thing. And I think we are playing in a very heavy group. If we look at other organizations, our level teams will have another opponent in another class. Our organization has five good choices with giant players who play well in leagues and good clubs. We will play the game, but draw conclusions about the group after the end of the certificate.

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