Swedbank is the first in Latvia to offer company information open to speed

Picture: LETA

Swedbank has started to open a remote account – & # 39; It is a fair chance for Swedbank clients to go to; save time and open company account to fiction without going to the branch branch office.

Swedbank is the only bank in Latvia that provides a complete process for the digitization of a company account. In addition, you can now do it for free.

For Swedbank's client not to go to a branch but to open a company account to the distance, there is only a valid identity document and Smart ID with an electronic signature record or eID registered with a & # 39; bank.

Indeed, this fair and balanced opportunity is available to Latvian residents with one signature in a Latvia-registered company.

The user will receive a bank response within one business day and once the application is approved, it will be possible to sign in the Internet bank.

Currently, Smart Smart ID IDs have over 32,000 Swedbank users and their number is growing daily. There are also hundreds of eID users who also use this proven approach to make remote jobs on Internetbank and other resources.

The Head of Corporate Governance "Swedbank" shows a "Swedbank" research; show Swedbank users the most valuable digital access to banking services.

So, we are glad that we launched this year with good news and news. Providing both young entrepreneurs who have started to start a business and need to open their first account, and those who have the opportunity to start their business. grow the business and need a census with Swedbank. "

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"We see that Smart-ID's knowledge is a certification, and more and more customers do not have to open a company account – everything can be done quickly and easy from their office or home, thus focusing on other important things in everyday life. "

For those currently Smart Smart ID users, the bank recommends you go to a branch where the staff will help you solve the solution to banking on- another line.


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