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The Athletic: Merzhikin used his status to avoid AHL

Elvis Merzlik
Photo: Matt Zambonin / HHOF-IIHF Images

He has already said that the visitor was from Latvia Elvis Merzlik a few days ago, they officially agreed to the National Hockey League (NHL) unit at Calum Columbus's Jacket, agreeing entry level agreements by the end of this season, and then Latvian will be to a limited free producer and appears to agree with "Blue Jackets" for a new contract.

The information available indicates that Merzhikin will receive 925 925 925 (€ 810.3,000) in total from Blue Jackets. Elvim is the first North American hockey player to go to Blue Jackets in the American Hockey League (AHL) this year. Journalist Aaron Porclin.

“Following on a number of paper sources in Europe, Merzhikin used his status in the last five years in Switzerland to avoid an AHL. As Merzhikin is often regarded as the best visitor outside the NHL he ordered the "card" to ratify the terms of Blue Jack. Also, Columbus is currently in his first gamekeeper research, as it is likely that the team will leave Sergei Bobrovsky in the summer. ” T

The Rehearser says the plan was approved by Elvi on a trial test until the end of the season, but that would mean having been t move into the first phase agreement to summer that Merlinberg did not want.

"Merzhikin got a contract of signing (92.5 miles dollars – aut.) And for the rest of the season he will" burn "his first contract, although it's unlikely that he will go out with this domain t So Merzykin could already negotiate a new one-way contract and negotiations are already underway, but it's still not clear this year or two. ”

"Lugano" Merzlem "shirt in the NLA main event this season was out in 43 matches, with an average of 2.44 visits to each one and 92.1% of the picture. She reported 22 achievements, of which five were made "to zero".

Merzhikin ended last week's season with the "Lugano" team in Switzerland, leaving the final in the first round, with four in 0-4 recognizing Zug's status. It should be noted that the Merzikin adult team from 2013 was "Lugano" an Elvis double-time as the best Switzerland Champion.

Blue Jackets, who chose the Draft NHL 2014 of the 2014 edition of Zslichin, is now the ninth in the East NHL Conference, going behind the zone.

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