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The Latvian football team will start, with a game against North MacMillan on Thursday on Skopje, fighting for the European Cup for the European Cup. Hopeful hopes for fans are always for two reasons – a new journey begins, in which everything remains possible, as well as Serbia's national Slaviša Stojanovich to be at the national unit. The Latvian team in Skopje have already done several training sessions on Wednesday, the first time in the stadium.

Stojanovich, the head coach of the national unit, cannot be seriously blamed – just on 1 March he took up an official post, but 20 days later he will lead the team in the first game. Under Stoyanovich's leadership, the players only gave three drills, each man by themselves.

Latvian football team start on a new play tournamentMartins Klavenieks

Before the game, Skopje Stoyanovich kept peace, telling journalists that there was a lot of choices, but he was keen on the idea of ​​football players in training. Adding to the job, Stojanovich criticized the players for not wanting energy by going to the field in a random shirt.

Stoyanovich stressed that he and his colleagues are now in a short time to get to know their team, at the same time as setting out the basic tools of the proposed strategies. Aware of Stojanovich's training, but he wants to see the same in the games.

The Northern Macedonia match against Latvia is of a great size, as their leaders take their lead in the Spanish, English and Italian clubs every day. Major Goran Pandev, home captain, will play a special game against Latvia, and will play the 100th game in the national league. The Genoa player visited last year on Juventus na Italy, which was represented by Christian Ronald, in the Italian league.

Igors Angelovskis, the cleaner's head coach, stresses that Latvia should not be overly assessed. Angelovskis focuses only on the performance of his team, but on his enemies' strengths, he picked up the common tartan and the fight for the body "on the second floor".

The game begins in Skopje. 21.45 The stage of Latvia. Already on Friday, the Latvian team will go to Warsaw, where they will be holding their next match against Poles on Sunday.

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