The knowledge of the Deglava Street bridge that was destroyed in May / Day

He said the supports which were damaged were only found when the current shop was removed. In the past, these supports were not available as they were product premises.

“Following the inspection, it will be clear how much this damage is, to what extent can the bridge be badly affected and what further work is required. There will clearly be some delay in the service submission date, "explained Barniņiks.

He said that a big block of up to 30 tonnes would be introduced on the bridge tomorrow. Public transport routes will not be affected, because the buses and trolleybuses collect up to 30 tonnes with passengers. The motion will not affect private transport, but will keep a close eye on the bridge only.

Ingus Vircavs, head of the Riga City Building Board, said it would not be clear after the beginning of May what repairs would be needed and that their technical project could be developed.

Barranin said that the bridgeman has no complaints about delays and extra costs.

"There is no danger to the transport movement at this time," said Baranin.

It has already been mentioned that By carrying out maintenance work for Augusta Deglava's traffic, previously unexpected deficiencies were found, so maintenance work has been stopped. T.

These shortcomings were not eliminated in the rebuilding project. Therefore, the construction works were discontinued until existing restoration solutions were improved.

The department commissions independent expertise, which will examine in detail the overall passenger transport structures, as well as guidance on reconstruction work. After consideration, the decision will be made for the changes to be made, in addition to the size of the change.

Following an assessment of the situation, restrictions on heavy transport will be introduced shortly, which means that heavy vehicles will not go beyond safety reasons with a total weight of more than 30mph. tons.

As reported, the August deglava rebuilding for 4.27 million euros has been made by the Lithuanian company "Kauno tiltai" according to the construction project developed by SIA "Inženierbūve".

With the reconstruction planned it is proposed to construct a new causeway structure which will provide walk and cycle path on the left side of the carriage (center), new safety barriers and sidewalks, as well as rebuilding. lighting and the reconstruction of the carriageway.

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