The lack of vitamins in the spring: how do you get and know yourself in the summer? Beautiful and healthy – – Woman

To make your own supplements with necessary vitamins, check out the pharmacist "Euroaptiekas" Ieva Zvagule.

"People suffering from vitamin and mineralization throughout the year, but in most cases, the body wants" even more "during the transition season – t autumn when the viral season begins, and in the spring, after the winter, use of inner resources.

In the winter, we do not get as much vitamin from fresh fruit and vegetables as in summer, but honestly, we often often adopt a healthy, healthy diet and don't eat any winter apples t or stalc. Now is the time to think about taking vitamins, ”that remembers Eve Zvagule.

When it is too small or not

“Vitamin is called hypovitaminosis. Often people call avitaminosis, but avitaminosis occurs when vitamin is not present in the body, but it is rare and the greatest risk is that it takes place, ”explains pharmacists.

Hypovitaminosis is caused by fatigue, tiredness, lack of nutrition, trouble, dry skin, yellow hair, and nails, gingival bloody, broken broken corners, frequent illnesses. In spring most people enter a lack of vitamin C and D.

“Vitamin deficiency can occur for a number of reasons. The strongest amount of fruit and vegetables usually mentioned is the fruit of vitamin C. However, hypovitaminosis disorders can be caused by bone or metabolic disorders. In such cases, problems may arise if there are enough quantities of vitamins, 'which explains the pharmacist and reminds the doctor to identify these reasons through examination. Similarly, the use of antibiotics that affect intestinal microflora, illness, hard work, weight, pregnancy and many other factors can affect the balance of vitamins, so there is not the same universal rule suitable for everyone reviewing their eating habits, say Ieva Zvagule.

Vitamin C and D – immunity enhancements

Vitamin C is needed for good protection and blood vessels. “The winter season is the real quarter of citrus fruit, which must be used, but vitamin C is also found in other fruit and vegetables, especially cabbages, roses. It's recommended to eat it new, because the heat healing reduces the amount of vitamin C, ”the recommended remedy.

Everybody living in Latvia has a deficiency of vitamin D. For children, vitamin D is needed for normal bone development, for adults, for teeth and bone health. Although sunlight is not enough, vitamin D should be given with butter – butter, milk, egg eggs, liver, salted fish.

“This is one of the most difficult to include in the natural way, so it is likely that you will need to ask a doctor who will analyze your infection and then decide on more vitamin D a. "There are medication," he said. t

Vitamins A, B and E – for nerves, skin renewal and body

You should not forget about other vitamins. Vitamin A can affect their eyes, skin conditions and the wounding of the wound, so the diet should contain oil, egg eggs, liver sediments, fish liver, carrots, beets, parsley, chanter. Counting of vitamin B group is dependent on the normal operation of the nervous system, tired fighting, sound sleeping and emotional balance. There is a valuable vitamin, fortunately, at present in almost all foods at higher densities or lower. Vitamin E can be used to bring the body back in grain seeds, green vegetables, eggs and sunflower oil; PP vitamins or nicotinic acid for normal bone system functions – cereals, yeast, animal bark, liver, heart and black, as well as legumes and fish.

“Character in the spring alone and certainly used is the richness of nature in the shape of young nettles and nettles and a number of coins and sprouts. They are all a rich source of vitamins and minerals which can be grown from seeds or seeds on the kitchen sills, ”he emphasizes Ieva Zvagule.

Capsal is not a miracle

In fact, there are situations when natural outlets are not enough, the pharmacists get in. These are usually cases where the body is very weak. Vitamin buildings in capsules, where vitamins can be found in much more concentrated form and at the right level, can help.

However, you should not forget that it cannot prepare for vitamins to take a full, balanced diet.

“Without a special reason, you shouldn't sell a bottle in pharmacies. If you are feeling tired or have unpleasant symptoms, make sure you contact a doctor who makes the appropriate tests and, if necessary, take a vitamin course. Valuable nutrition, new atmosphere, sun and shifts – this is the main recipe for balancing the spring spam! "Remembering the chemists. T

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