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The most likely to be warned that the "Swedbank" case could be "a bigger start" – Financial news – Financeenet

Monetary waste rubbish in some of the Viking banks has made a major change in the financial business landscape not only in Scandinavia, but also in the Baltic States. On Tuesday, he left the name of the Danske Bank from the Baltic department and Russia.

Bill Bugger, co-founder and manager of the Calpa Hermitage Leadership, had pledged a complaint on several Viking banks, such as Nordea, to clear money.

In an interview with Swedish media, the breach warned that the news about Swedbank could be "just first for a bigger person".

He said he had confirmed the Swedbank connection with the Danske Bank, so he could turn to his bank for legal action.

Swedbank's investors have also given public opinion. The Folksam Group, which is a Banker's largest shareholder with seven percent of the shares, says that the costs are against its & # 39; "really bad" bank, so the bank's administration needs to find out what has happened as soon as possible.

At the same time, Alecta AB, who has five percent of Swedbank departments, states that all the circumstances and main causes of why the bank is charged with the money rubbish complaint script with explanations.

"Bankruptcy is a waste of money in one of the worst challenges. It is a serious crime that must be taken seriously," said Rectory Bruce, CEO of Alecta AB.

At the same time, Councilor "Soderberg & Partners" Joakim Bornold said there are two situations at present, as everything happened.

"If the information is true, I can now see two views for the development of events. The first is that bank management has been aware of it and it allowed to do [naudas atmazgāšanai] happening. Secondly – bank and bank administration has not responded to signs of suspicious matters. I do not know what's worse, "said Bornold.

The Swedish government is also involved in the scanner. Finance Minister Peter Bolunde said "the situation is very bad if the Swedish bank is arrested for money waste. It is not appropriate because there is no room for cash glazing in a steady banking system."

By Wednesday, Swedbank has refused any money cleaning, and Bonesen has never said that she does not have a bank connection with Danske Bank. In October, she said that the fight against dirty money is one of its key priorities in the Bank to be in a position; deal with any type of suspicious business.

"Swedbank should make this situation a big deal." The Danske Bank has already made a big mistake that made its bank a big deal, "said Bornold. The value of the Danske Bank department has fallen close to Half of the year and has lost $ 18 billion in market value.

SVT Swedish Television said that business partners were suspicious with business partners. We can not find the source of money and Swedbank bank accounts in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have been used for the business. In the case of the Danske Bank, the people involved in the contract were not resent.

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