The RD Committee supports the local plan for the area Zaalausala, which provides a green light for the construction of the island. T

In the future, Zaķusala in Riga will look different. Developers of declining parcels and the village have supported the island's local plan to replace the existing house. If everything goes according to plan, the places Za Zusala will have made will be an attractive place to live and the rest of Riga.

Currently, there have been bushes in Zaķusala area between Skye Bridge and the Television Tower, but with the local plan supported by Riga Town Council (RD) construction will begin in the coming years. The local plan was developed based on the 2016 competition winner, which sees potential for residence and recreation in Zaķusala.

The project hopes that the Daugava valley will have been altered for walkers and cyclists over 25 meters in width, and preserving the natural embankments on the river Abhainn Bheag.

The planned building is of a mixed type – both residential and office. Initially it was intended to build buildings at least 24 floors, but now there are six-storey houses and 12-storey and 17 storey buildings. The building contractor for the landscape is "Merks", who starts working with the building of a new street, transporting traffic further to the interior of the island.

“We will start from the far end of the island, will have the start of a residential building. Then we will move slowly to Salu Bridge. So there will be a new street, public transport and beaches. I think it will be a great trip for the people, ”said Ieva Lace, project manager at Zaķusala.

The first house could be ready around 2022, but the development vision was developed for the next 25-30 years. For the city, this project is about a change to the uninhabited Za Zusala to a street.

“The developer takes a street to be built and commissioned for the town and then the town will give the opportunity to develop the other habitat and take up its terrace. And then the second part of the green area, which is the urban building that can be developed as a park and public open space, is. Stands for boat harbors are also provided so that the island can be easily accessed by carrying traffic by water, ”said the Head of Local Planning Department RD Development Department. Zinta Miķelsone.

Urban environmental campaigners welcome the proposed project if the picture on the paper has not been produced in life. “It's really okay to return water to people, thinking about improving water transport. Also marked with cycling. The city's way of view has more memorable architects, ”said Maris Jonov, the association's representative“ City for People ”.

Other areas of the island have significant development plans. There is another public skyscraper beside the public television building, and a TV tower, one of Europe's tallest buildings, is designed to be a valuable tourist destination.

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