The Russian car logo will be Lada & # 39; leaving the European market

The Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ will no longer deliver Lada cars to the European market. It has therefore been decided in a context of environmental standards that reduce average CO2 emissions of new cars to 95 grams per kilometer.

In the European Union (EU), they will be mobilized to the harsher environmental standards next year. To make change, European car brands include hybrids and electric cars in their range of modules. AvtoVAZ doesn't have such a choice, so the company decided to leave the European market until Lada provides a model that meets the EU's environmental standards.

The idea is that "Lada" would return to the European market or become a new generation "Lada 4×4" or "Naiva" which is developed on a common platform by Renault consortium engines. -Nissan-Mitsubishi. A vehicle like this at Rita also benefits from a Renault tool that meets modern ecological standards.

However, when the new "Naiva" series is due to follow, and the arrival of "Lada" back to the European market, it is currently unknown.

By 2018 Lada cars were sold worldwide in 395 thousand units. Of these, 5325 were entered on the EU market. The 4×4 is the most popular model in the sector, bought in 2341 units in Europe, which is 344 more than a year ago. Meanwhile, a "Lada Vesta" model which was developed on the basis of "Dacia Logan", which cost from € 16,000, bought 1296 people in Europe. Germany's "Lada 4×4" price is 12 miles euros.

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